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Notes of Love
 PACIFIC TIME PTE 8527-2 [39:58]
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As one of the lead characters in the film is a violin teacher, it's not surprising to find that instrument featuring heavily in this work by Italian composer Franco Piersanti and perhaps equally unsurprisingly there are a number of established classical pieces to pad out the CD.

The lone, mournful violin theme of 'Colpo Di Fulmine' is the mainstay of the score and to be truthful there is very little else to speak of. The few times Piersanti strays away from his central theme, as in the over-long, melancholic 'La Parola Amore' and the discordant indulgence of 'Idea per un Tango', I remained steadfastly uninvolved. Everything else, apart from the classical pieces, are variations on 'Colpo Di Fulmine', with 'Stati D'Animo' introducing piano and xylophone to support the violin. Oddly, there is another longer track bearing the same title that begins with a different arrangement before becoming slightly more interesting and ambient mid-way through.

The classical cues included are Bach's Minuetto from 'Suite N.1' and his 'Prelude' from 'Suite N.1 in Sol Maggiore' (by far the best thing on offer here) plus Paul Hindemith's 'Opera 25 N.3', but most of this is very wearing unless you are particularly fond of violin/violoncello solo works.

There is a certain tragic quality to the score, but as the majority of Piersanti's music is simply a variation on that single plaintive theme it soon becomes rather dull. And while fans of violin works such as those already mentioned may enjoy this, I'm sorry to say that I found it all incredibly dreary, despite conceding that the central theme will probably be quite affecting in the film itself. Still, as a listening experience I really can't recommend it at all.

Mark Hockley


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