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Giuliano TAVIANI
Fuori Di Me
 CAM 499897 [27:21]

I'm almost at a loss for words. Even trying to remain even-handed I fail to see why this soundtrack should have been granted a release, as despite any reservations I may have over the quality of the music there really isn't enough material to make this a worthwhile purchase. To be scrupulously fair, I suppose if you enjoy this kind of hybrid reggae pop then this may be for you, but for myself I found it distinctly unattractive.

My concerns become even greater when you consider that out of only seven cues, two are reprises! Namely, the reggae funk of 'Fuori Di Me' repeated in a much longer version in the final track (incidentally vocal effects are by Andrea Prodan) and 'Dub a Rub', a reggae beat with violin lead, later reprised on 'Dub a Rub' (Forma D'onda)'. And that just leaves the languid, unmemorable 'Hotel' and two songs, 'Giast' and 'Dentro Di Te', both performed in unappealing fashion by Paolo Sassanelli.

I'm very sorry to say that as far as I'm concerned this is a complete waste of time. I can't put it any kinder than that. The little music that there is will really only attract a marginal audience and even those few may well feel disappointed by the short supply of material on offer. I really am at a loss for words. But the rating speaks for itself.

Mark Hockley

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