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Mark ISHAM Blade OST VARÈSE SARABANDE VSD5976 [33:33]   


Crotchet (UK)
Amazon (USA)
Soundstone (USA)

A clangorous, driving, ghoulish score with a black-toned atmosphere matching the plot. This film is a supernatural thriller starring Wesley Snipes as a half-human and half-immortal (how can you do that? - anyway that is what the publicity blurb says). Snipes must stop a race of vampires taking over the human race. Blade is apparently based on a successful series of Marvel Comics of the same name.

Track 1 of Isham's score is driven and driving. Track 2 is out of the Bernard Herrmann school of gloomy threnodies adding what sound like the processed voices of Tibetan monks. Track 3 has more of the same from Track 1 - those ghostly 'knife being drawn across a whetting stone' sounds are becoming a cliché I am afraid. Disembodied voices add a shuddering element to the music which is menacing. Track 5 The Temple of Light is again out of Benny Herrmann's colouring book - dark rumblings, a tinkling piano all opening up strange vistas. There is a dank dungeon-like despair about this score which quickly creates a very strong atmosphere. This film may or may not be a commercial exploiter of the affluent world-wide youth market. The music however has strong character which makes this score worth remembering without being wildly commanding.

Robert Barnett

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