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Compilation: The World of the Cinema EMPORIO EMPRCD 815 Selections from: The James Bond Movies; The Sound of Music; That's Entertainment; Schindler's List; An Officer and a Gentleman;  

Forrest Gump; The Pink Panther; The Sting; Robin Hood Prince of Thieves; Sleepless in Seattle (When I fall in Love); Beauty and the Beast; Hook; The Sting.  

Crotchet (UK)
Amazon (USA)
Soundstone (USA)

I really cannot recommend this selection of exploitative arrangements of well-known film themes The arrangements although often reasonably well played by uncredited orchestra(s)/ensemble(s) are at best very satisfactory and at worst a poor shade of the original. Visitors to this site, who are informed film music fans, will clearly have the original film OSTs in their collections so it is difficult to imagine an audience for this material. There is only a flimsy four-page booklet with practically no information at all and a poorly designed over-busy front page which repels rather than attracts.I foresee this CD featuring strongly in remainder bins.

Ian Lace

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