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John BEAL Zork Grand Inquisitor (1998) Music from the CCD-Interactive Adventure composed and performed by John Beal Opus Pocus Records OPM1004 30:44  



There seems to be a whole genre of music emerging from the buoyant market for computer games. As computer sound systems have become more capable so games and other programmes have taken up the challenge. Not so long ago I reviewed a specially written sound track for a PC game themed around The Lost World (Jurassic Park II). This one is the latest generation of the Zork games which have been around for a long time. In fact the original Zork must have been very primitive indeed by today’s standards. It is however a classic game by all accounts.

I have not seen the present game but the music is not half bad. It is produced electonically using sampled sound although this was not immediately apparent to me such is the quality of synthesised sounds these days. Beal (whose collection of music for movie trailers left me feelingly decidedly depressed) here turns in a score which oozes sly humour. Pompous marches strut across the scene. Tribute is paid to John Williams’ adventure scores - principally Indiana Jones. This score is a frolic through fantasy land. The music might just as easily suit a Terry Pratchett fantasy; just the right combination of dumb-monster humour and sword and sorcery. Worth hearing if you get a chance. The disc I have is marked ‘for promotional use only’.


Rob Barnett


Robert Barnett

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