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Jay GRUSKA Lois and Clark: The New Adventure of Superman (TV Series) OST SONIC IMAGES SI 8703-2 [57:58]  


The TV Superman is the politically-correct 1990's new man "clone" who is allowed to have feelings, reveal his identity to his beloved (who one feels must have been as blind as a bat not to have seen through his under-panted disguise from the start), fall in love and marry his Lois whose part has been elevated (probably by the feminists in the TV series’ production team) so that her role is as important as his. This "feminisation" of the superhero is reflected in Gruska’s score which has a preponderance of the tender and romantic at the expense of super-hero thrills. Not that I am complaining about romance, in fact I’m all for it; but much of the romantic music here certainly has to be spelt with a small "r" for it is little more than vague slow meanderings in search of themes of real substance and concrete form. There are some redeeming aspects of course. I like the way that Gruska edges his few daring-do and menacing tracks with a sardonic, tongue-in -cheek wit. This humour spills over into the cue "Baby Dream" in which the tiny infant’s gurglings are apparent.This CD, or selected cues from it, might serve as innocuous dinner party background material and the "Lois’s Big Band" and "Clark’s Salsa" used for more energetic dancing to shake down the steaks afterwards. Mainly for fans of the TV series.

Ian Lace

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