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Patrick Waller

Patrick Waller was born in Birmingham in 1957. He trained in medicine and has worked in Sheffield, Glasgow Southampton and London as a hospital doctor, academic researcher and government regulator. In 2002 he set up his own consultancy business specializing in the safety of medicines. His formal musical education ceased at the age of 15 but he has since managed to buy two pianos, marry a 'cellist, commissioning for her a new work by the Cornish composer Judith Bailey (Concerto for Orchestra if anyone is interested in hearing this work please get in touch), and collect more than 3,000 CDs covering a wide range of classical music. Favourite composers include Bruckner, Scarlatti, Schubert, Sibelius and Vaughan Williams, and, about 1978, he contracted Wagner disease (for which there is no known cure).

Patrick lives in Hampshire with Jean (the 'cellist, also a psychiatrist) and they have two student sons, Peter and Richard. When not working or involved in musical activities he might be found over a chess board or taking his beloved mongrel Cassie for a walk. For some reason, the latter usually has priority over everything else.

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