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Bill Kenny is a retired academic (well, of sorts that is.)  He  has sung in semi-professional chamber choirs for most of his life, quite often getting some of the notes right by reason of being  a half competent sight-reader with next-door to perfect pitch. He doesn’t sing much these days though on account of the  faulty wobble control on his waistcoat.

Bill lives in the West Country with his wife Lyn who is a good deal brighter than he is, a fact for which he is sincerely grateful. Together they spend a lot of time in Finland partly for its music, landscape and people and partly for the intellectual challenge of decoding  the language. After only eight years of visiting Finland regularly, Bill  can now ask for two coffees and  two doughnuts perfectly fluently.

People who know Bill well say  he will listen to anything on the off - chance that it might be musically interesting. They’re very nearly right. He has been playing with computers ever since they spoke Fortran and fiddles with the web site when Len is on his holidays.


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