"Byzantion is a qualified linguist and historian, with further academic background in political sociology. He has worked as a translator, teacher, music journalist, political editor, book dealer, IT technician, farmer and builder. He lives with his family deep in the Scottish countryside in blissful anonymity. He is fluent in many European languages, including Gaelic, Irish and Welsh. He listens to around 1000 new recordings of art music a year, is equally interested in music from all eras (from medieval to ultra-modernist), and against the modern tendency loathes anything that is not art or traditional music - vehemently rejecting the popular idea that listening to pop, rock or jazz as well is equivalent to being broadminded. Two of his children are composers and multi-instrumentalists."

[Byzantion is not a pseudonym but his forename. He does not wish to use his surname -Len Mullenger]


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