Marc Bridle.

Born in 1964, Marc Bridle is currently editor of Seen & Heard. Although he
studied the violin from an early age, later graduating to the double bass,
education got in the way of him developing into a virtuoso string player.
Educated at St Andrews and Cambridge Universities, he studied Greek, Hebrew
and Philosophy but eventually completed a Master's degree in Medieval
History. A desire to make money led him away from journalism and into
marketing, which he still works at to this day, albeit infrequently. Over
the years he has contributed reviews and articles to many newspapers and
magazines, among them the New Statesman, Time Out and the Guardian, as well
as numerous Internet based journals. He stopped writing poetry at 19, but is
still working on his first novel.

For Marc Bridle music begins with the Eroica. If he has any musical passions
then they are Bruckner and Wagner - both of whom he resembles
temperamentally. Happiest in smoke filled Jazz clubs, he attends more
concerts than is healthy for anyone. Nowadays it is purely classical, but as
a young punk he did attend Sex Pistols gigs.

His interests include collecting political cartoons, photographs and modern
art and anything to do with Wagner (he recently acquired a bust of the
composer). He has a DVD collection of almost 700 films (and growing), and an
unhealthy interest in Italian and Japanese horror flicks, of which he must
have one of the most extensive collections in the country. He lives in
London with his partner and two Steiff bears, Tristan and Parisfal.

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