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A Damask Rose F G Bowles Boosey & Hawkes
It Was A Lover And His Lass Shakespeare Boosey & Hawkes
The Outlaw's Song J Baillie Boosey & Hawkes
Two Songs for Baritone:
1. Swedish Love Song

2. Devon to Me

G Roberts

J Galsworthy

Boosey & Hawkes

Boosey & Hawkes

When I am Dead C Rossetti Boosey & Hawkes
When We Two Went A-Maying E Brown Boosey & Hawkes
Who Is Sylvia? Shakespeare Boosey & Hawkes
At Daybreak F G Bowles Enoch
Four Old English Songs:
1. Orpheus with his Lute

2. Under the Greenwood Tree

3. Who is Sylvia?

4. It was a Lover and His Lass

Shakespeare Boosey & Hawkes
The Gates of Spring F E Weatherly Chappell Music
Gwenny F E Weatherly Boosey & Hawkes
May Day Dance M Byron Chappell Music
Stonecracker John F E Weatherly Boosey & Hawkes
Sweet Phyllis F E Weatherly Boosey & Hawkes
Your Heart is Like a Golden Fair E Brown Boosey & Hawkes
Yvette F E Weatherly Enoch
Lace and Porcelain

Three Old English Songs:

1. Love is Every Maiden's Joy

2. Strephon and Amaryllis

3. A Cavalier Love Song

Harold Simpson Boosey & Hawkes

The Little Girl I Love F E Weatherly Boosey & Hawkes
Little Love G Hubi-Newcombe Boosey & Hawkes
Love Among the Daffodils E Teschemacher Boosey & Hawkes
Waiting for the Spring F E Weatherly Enoch
When the Robin Goes A-Singing Harold Simpson Chappell Music
A Bird's Lullaby Eric Coates Enoch
If You Were My Little Boy Ed Teschemacher Boosey & Hawkes
Love's Fantasy F E Weatherly Boosey & Hawkes
Moon Boat F E Weatherly Boosey & Hawkes
Mother England's Brewing Harold Simpson Boosey & Hawkes
Reuben Ranzo F E Weatherly Boosey & Hawkes
The Awakening Ed Teschemacher Boosey & Hawkes
A Dinder Courtship F E Weatherly Boosey & Hawkes
Rose of Mine Ed Teschemacher Chappell Music
Sweet and Twenty Shakespeare Chappell Music
Tell Me Where is Fancy Bred Shakespeare Chappell Music
All Mine Own Harold Simpson Chappell Music
Betty and Johnny F E Weatherly Chappell Music
Dick's Quandary F E Weatherly Chappell Music
The Grenadier F E Weatherly Chappell Music
Melanie F E Weatherly Chappell Music
Pierette's Song F E Weatherly Chappell Music
By Mendip Side D J O'Reilly Chappell Music
Eildon Hill F E Weatherly Boosey & Hawkes
The Hour of Love Harold Simpson Chappell Music
A Japanese Farewell G Douglas Furber Chappell Music
Marry Me, Nancy, Do F E Weatherly Chappell Music
Moonland Dreams F E Weatherly Boosey & Hawkes
Rose of the World Helen Taylor Chappell Music
Mill O'Dreams
1. Back 0' the Moon

2. Dream 0' Nights

3. The Man in the Moon

4. Blue Bells

Nancy B Marsland Chappell Music
Green Hills Of Somerset F E Weatherly Chappell Music
An Old World Garden Eric Chilman Chappell Music
The Palace of Roses Harold Simpson Chappell Music
Sigh No More, Ladies Shakespeare Chappell Music
The Widow of Penzance Harold Simpson Boosey & Hawkes
Asphodel FE Weatherly Chappell Music
Dreams FE Weatherly Chappell Music
Land of My Heart FE Weatherly Chappell Music
Our Little Home FE Weatherly Chappell Music
Your Love FE Weatherly Chappell Music
The Fairy Tales of Ireland Edward Lockton Chappell Music
Four Songs of the Air Service:
1. Ordered Overseas

2. Five and Twenty Bombers

3. Billy

4. The First Job of All

Edward Lockton West
The Fruits of the Earth Edward Lockton West
The Heart You Love is Calling Edward Lockton Keith Prowse/EMI
Maid and the Moon Eileen Price-Evans        Chappell Music
My Prayers Take Wing F E Weatherly West
Sally and I and the Daylight                     F E Weatherly Keith Prowse/EMI
Yours and Mine Edward Lockton Cary
By the North Sea A Conan Doyle Chappell Music
An Elizabethan Lullaby William Akerman Chappell Music
A Nest in Arcady Edward Lockton Cary
Roses of Peace E Baker West
The Stars Above H H Morris Cary
Through All the Ages F E Weatherly Chappell Music
At Sunset Mrs Charles Hutchins Chappell Music
At Vesper Bell Gunby Hadath Chappell Music
Pepita G Douglas Furber Chappell Music
Since Yesterday Anne Page Chappell Music
The White Winding Road Davey Fisher Chappell Music
You Come No More D Fisher Chappell Music
Brown Eyes Beneath the Moon F E Weatherly Chappell Music
I'm Wanting You Gunby Hadath Chappell Music
I Pitch My Lonely Caravan at Night Annette Horly Chappell Music
Moon Daisies F E Weatherly Chappell Music
Passion Flower Gertrude Wiskin Chappell Music
Roses All the Way Ernest Butcher Chappell Music
Blue Sky and White Road Charles Roff Chappell Music
Coloured Fields Daisy Fisher Chappell Music
June's First Rose Edward Lockton Chappell Music
Ole Dear Dorothy Dickinson Chappell Music
Thinkin' of You Dorothy Dickinson Chappell Music
I Heard You Singing Roydon Barrie Chappell Music
Mending Roadways Dena Tempest Chappell Music
Nobody Else But You Daisy Fisher Chappell Music
A Song of the Wind Edward Lockton Chappell Music
Diff'rent Somehow Gordon McConnel Chappell Music
Eight Nursery Rhymes
1. Pussy Cat, Pussy Cat

2. Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary

3. Little Boy Blue

4. Baa, Baa, Black Sheep

5. Miss Muffet

6. Pat-a-cake, Pat-a-cake

7. Hush-a-bye

8. New Year's Eve

Anon Chappell Music
Ev'ry Minute of Ev'ry Day Elsie May Skeet Chappell Music
In Town Dorothy Dickinson Chappell Music
Sea Rapture Eric H Barrie Chappell Music
Yearning R Barrie Chappell Music
The Gates of If-Ever D Eardley-Wilmot Chappell Music
K-Naughty Kanute Elsie May Skeet Chappell Music
The Little Green Balcony Roydon Barrie Chappell Music
Rose of Samarand R Barrie Chappell Music
Song of the little Folk Jennie Durbar Chappell Music
Bird Songs at Eventide Roydon Barrie Chappell Music
Brown Eyes I Love Lillian Glenville Chappell Music
The Dreams of London A St John Adcock Chappell Music
A Song Remembered Roydon Barrie Chappell Music
Homeward to You Roydon Barrie Chappell Music
I'm Lonely Gordon McConnel Chappell Music
Little Lady of the Moon F E Weatherly Chappell Music
Always As I Close My Eyes M Hendfield-Jones Chappell Music
Doubt F G Attenborough Boosey & Hawkes
Because I Miss You So Lillian Glenville Chappell Music
The Young Lover Roydon Barrie Chappell Music
Home Along Arthur C Salman Chappell Music
The House Love Made for You and Me Gordon Johnstone Chappell Music
If Stars Were Tears Frank Eyton Chappell Music
Stars and a Crescent Moon Phyllis Black Chappell Music
I Looked for You Phyllis Black Chappell Music
Rise Up and Reach the Stars Winifred May Chappell Music
Ship of Dream Winifred Van Noorden Chappell Music
Beautiful Lady Moon Phyllis Black Chappell Music
Music of the Night Phyllis Black Chappell Music
Song of Loyalty Phyllis Black Chappell Music
Good Bye Irving Caesar Chappell Music
You Are My Rose Christopher Hassall Chappell Music
Your Name Christopher Hassall Chappell Music
Princess of the Dawn                             Christopher Hassell        Chappell Music
Sleepy Lagoon Jack Lawrence Chappell Music
Today is Ours Frank Eyton Chappell Music
Star of God F E Weatherly Chappell Music
A Song of Summer Lady Joan Vernay Chappell Music
The Scent of Lilac Winifred May Chappell Music
The Dam Busters Carlene Mair Chappell Music
God's Great Love Abiding Eric Coates Keith Prowse/EMI
Loyal Hearts

(Lyrics to 'Queen Elizabeth'
written in 1963, after Coates' death.)

A C Wood Chappell Music

ERIC COATES and the Chappell Recorded Music Library

One of Eric Coates' best known and loved compositions - BY THE SLEEPY LAGOON (alias the Desert Island Discs theme) started life as part of the Chappell Recorded Music Library.

The Chappell Library, was set-up in the early 1940s and has been supplying themes and background music for Radio, TV, Films and Audio Visual productions since that time.

The success of the catalogue owes much to the calibre of the original composers commissioned, one of the foremost being Eric Coates.

Before the advent of BBC Television on a national scale in the U.K., sound radio reigned supreme as the mass media for home entertainment. Audiences of tens of millions regularly tuned into their favourite programmes. Many of these programmes relied heavily upon library music for their signature tunes and one of Eric Coates' library compositions became nationally popular for this reason - By the Sleepy Lagoon.

Owing to demand from clients, in 1984, the Library re-released many of its most famous recordings. Included on the album was the above mentioned track. The album has met with such overwhelming support and interest from trade clients that a commercial release is planned for April '86 by Grasmere Records (disc ref. GRALP 10, cassette ref. GRTC 10) and will be distributed by EMI. For more information contact Ol 486 9531 - Bob Barratt.

Eric Coates compositions in the Chappell Recorded Music Library are:

London Calling C. 105

The Joyous Youth Suite C. 113/115

Mirage C. 148

The Eighth Army March C. 210

By The Tamarisk C. 226

Moresque C. 230

Under the Stars C. 256

Moon Magic C. 258

Waltz From the Three Bears C. 363

Music Everywhere C. 363

Holborn March C. 389

Over to You C. 489

Spring Time In Angus C. 498

Sweet Seventeen C. 499

Impressions of a Princess C. 542

Bird Song At Eventide C. 682

By the Sleepy Lagoon C. 691

Elizabeth of Glamis LPC 1029

For further information about the Chappell Recorded Music Library contact Nick Farries on 01-629 7600, Extension 241.

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