New Releases

GMCD 7274

GMCD 7280/1

GMCD 7283
Beethoven - 
Arrangements for
Chamber Ensemble
The Locrian Ensemble
Six Organ Quintets
by Padre Soler
The Rasumovsky
String Quartet &
P. Parsons Organ
Lithuanian Chamber 
Music 1991-2001

GHCD 2281-84

GHCD 2287-89

GHCD 2285/6

GHCD 2290
The great contralto Zara Dolukhanova is heard in arias, duets, lieder & songs. San Francisco 
Opera Gems Vol.2

with Martinelli, Jobin, Rethberg, Flagstad, Gigli, Albanese etc.
Elektra -1952
Met Opera, Reiner and Varnay, Höngen, Schöffler, Wegner Svanholm  
Requiem - 1943
NBC, Toscanini, the Westminster Choir, Janssen & 
Della Chiesa

GLCD 5104
Great British Light Orchestras
Martin, Farnon, Paramor, Cordell, Mantovani, Goodwin,  Leon, York, Black,  Melachrino etc.

GLCD 5105
Great American Light Orchestras
Rose, Anderson, Faith, Young, Gould, Acquaviva
Jenkins, Whiteman, Kostelanetz etc.

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