Because MusicWeb is not a paysite and has variable income from advertisers and sponsors we occasionally need a short-term boost to our funds. There are a number of ways in which you can help to keep MusicWeb in operation.

1. The most direct way is to make a donation

You can donate or purchase any of the following items by Sterling cheque. Make your cheque payable to MusicWeb and send to
Paying by cheque avoids the payPal or CCNow credit card charges

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2. Order your CDs through MusicWeb

All our reviews are linked for purchase to Crotchet or Amazon. However, we only receive a few pence for each sale. MusicWeb has now made its own arrangements for sales of certain labels which is much more profitable for us. These labels all produce high quality products at reasonable prices. Please examine the following catalogues:

Avie    CDAccord    Arcodiva    Concert Artists    Gasparo    Redcliffe

3. We have available for sale a number of second-handCDs.

We are no longer selling second hand discs but I thank you for your support