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Wolfgang Amadeus MOZART (1756 - 1791)
Mozart Edition Volume 1 [approx 454 minutes]
Concertos for Wind Instruments
Violin Concertos
1. Allegro 12'05
2. Adagio 6'24
3. Rondo, allegro 8'49
CONCERTO for Flute, Harp & Orchestra in C major KV 299
4. Allegro 9'34
5. Andantino 8'06
6. Rondeau. allegro 8'49
Total time: 54'26
Harmen de Boer, clarinet (1-3)
Nieuw Sinfonietta Amsterdam, Lev Markiz (1-3)
Marc Grauwels, flute (4-6)
Giselle Herbert, harp (4-6)
Les Violons du Roy, Bernard Labadie (4-6)
Recording: Muziekcentrum Frits Philips, Eindhoven, 1994
Producer: Lodewijk Collette
Licensed from AVRO (1-3)
FLUTE CONCERTO No. 1 in G major KV 313
1. Allegro maestoso 9'48
2. Adagio non troppo 9'45
3. Tempo di menuetto 7'41
4. ANDANTE for Flute & Orchestra in C major KV 315 6'18
FLUTE CONCERTO No. 2 in D major KV 314
5. Allegro aperto 7'24
6. Andante ma non troppo 7'05
7. Allegro 6'03
8. RONDO, allegretto grazioso, for Flute & Orchestra in D major KV 373 6,25
Total time: 60'06
Peter-Lukas Graf, flute
English Chamber Orchestra, Raymond Leppard
Recording: Conway Hall, London, November 1984
Producer/engineer: Tony Faulkner/Mark Brown
Licensed from Claves Records, Switzerland
OBOE CONCERTO in C major KV 314
1. Allegro aperto 7'25
2. Andante ma non troppo 7'04
3. Allegro 6'09
BASSOON CONCERTO in B flat major KV 191
4. Allegro 6'26
5. Andante ma ada 6'20
6. Rondeau, tempo di menuetto 3'56
SINFONIA CONCERTANTE for Oboe, Clarinet, Horn, Bassoon & Orchestra in E flat major KV 297
7. Allegro 13'22
8. Adagio 7'55
9. Andantino con variazioni 8'07
Total time: 66'44
Bart Schneemann, oboe (1-3)
Ronald Karten, bassoon (4-6)
Bart Schneemann, oboe
Harmen de Boer, clarinet
Jacob Slagter, horn
Ronald Karten, bassoon
Nieuw Sinfonietta Amsterdam, Lev
Recording: Muziekcentrum Frits
Philips, Eindhoven, 1994
Producer: Lodweijk Collette, Ad Vink
Licensed from AVRO
HORN CONCERTO in E flat major KV 417
1. Allegro 6'23
2. Andante 3'16
3. Rondo, allegro 3'23
HORN CONCERTO in E flat major KV 447
4. Allegro 6'35
5. Romance, larghetto 3'53
6. Allegro 3'40
7. CONCERTO MOVEMENT, allegro, in E major KV 494a 8'53
Completion: Herman Jeurissen
HORN CONCERTO in D major KV 412
8. Allegro 4'44
9. Rondo, allegro
Instrumention: Herman Jeurissen 3'55
HORN CONCERTO in E flat major KV 370b/371
10. Allegro (Reconstruction: Herman Jeurissen) 7'17
11. Rondeau, allegro (Instrumentation: Herman Jeurissen) 5'50
HORN CONCERTO in E flat major KV 495
12. Allegro 7'37
13. Andante 4'22
14. Allegro 3'53
15. From Horn Concerto in D major KV 412: Rondo, allegro, with Mozart's original text.
Voice of Mozart: Giorgio Mereu
Total time: 79'22
Herman Jeurissen, horn
Netherlands Chamber Orchestra, Roy Goodman
Recording: 20-23 November 1996, Beurs van Berlage, Amsterdam
Producer/engineer: Theo Muller, Peter Nicholls
Licensed from Olympia, UK
VIOLIN CONCERTO No. 1 in B flat major KV 207
1. Allegro moderato 7'55
2. Adagio 8'57
3. Presto 5'31
VIOLIN CONCERTO No. 2 in D major KV 211
4. Allegro moderato 8'05
5. Andante 7'24
6. Rondeau, allegro 7'14
VIOLIN CONCERTO No. 3 in G major KV 216
7. Allegro 9'40
8. Adagio 7'38
9. Rondeau 6'21
Total time: 66'30
Emmy Verhey, violin
Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra, Eduardo Marturet
Recording: Muziekcentrum Enschede, The Netherlands, 1989
Producer/engineer: C. Jared Sacks/Channel Classics
VIOLIN CONCERTO No. 4 in D major KV 218
1. Allegro moderato 8'42
2. Andante cantabile 7'06
3. Rondeau 6'54
VIOLIN CONCERTO No. 5 in A major KV 219
4. Allegro aperto 9'28
5. Adagio 10'03
6. Rondeau 8'33
7. ADAGIO in E major KV 261 8'16
8. RONDO in B flat major KV 269 6'28
9. RONDO in C major KV 373 5'49
Total time: 72'06
Emmy Verhey, violin
Concertgebouw Chamber Orchestra, Eduardo Marturet
Recording: Muziekcentrum Enschede, The Netherlands, 1989
Producer/engineer: Channel Classics, C. Jared Sacks
SINFONIA CONCERTANTE for Violin, Viola & Orchestra in E flat major KV 364
1. Allegro maestoso 12'39
2. Andante 9'54
3. Presto 6'02
CONCERTONE for 2 Violins & Orchestra in C major KV 190
4. Allegro spiritoso 8'11
5. Andantino grazioso 9'55
6. Tempo di menuetto 7'11
Total time: 54'34
Gil Sharon, violin
Yuri Gandelsman, viola
Amamti Chamber Orchestra, Gil Sharon
Anna & Guido Hbling, violin
Slovak Chamber Orchestra, Bohdan Warchal
Recording: Kerkrade, The Netherlands, 1996
Producer/engineer: Arts Music Recording, Rotterdam (1-3)
4-6: Licensed from OPUS, a product of Music deLux
BRILLIANT CLASSICS 99713 [approx 454 minutes]

Joan Records 

After the resounding success of their complete Bach edition in 160 CDs, Brilliant Classics has begun publishing their complete Mozart edition. In 24 volumes, over the next 18 months, they will be releasing 172 CDs of Mozartís works. In the same way as for the Bach edition, this set will include both original recordings, made for this set, and works licensed from other labels, and will be sold at a budget price.

This first volume covers Mozartís Concertos for Wind Instruments and his Violin Concertos; this set contains some of Mozartís finest instrumental works, and is a joy to listen to, beginning with what is probably his best-known concerto, the Clarinet Concerto in A major, KV 622. This work is beautifully played by clarinettist Harmen de Boer, and the balance between his solos and the orchestra is excellent.

Even though Mozart did not like the flute, he composed two commissioned concertos for the Elector Charles Theobald. The first flute concerto is a brilliant work, and does not in any way belay Mozartís dislike for the instrument. It is full of virtuoso passages, and contains a brilliant opening movement, with oboes and horns, in addition to strings, as well as a fine central adagio. Some of the orchestral parts recall the style of the clarinet concerto.

Mozart wrote several concertos for the horn, as well as concertos for the oboe and bassoon. The horn concertos are considered to be among the finest such works, although the listener needs to like this instrument to appreciate them. It can sound rough and harsh at times, since its tone is somewhat "rustic". Mozart manages to ensconce this instrument in settings that correspond well to its sound; the Rondo, allegro of the E flat major concerto contains typical hunting-horn melodies with a sparse accompaniment by the orchestra. The performance of these concertos is uneven; Herman Jeurissenís tone is not always ideal, but these works are well-performed otherwise.

Mozartís 5 violin concertos are, together with the Clarinet concerto, the highlights of this set. Mozart was, himself, a virtuoso violinist, and wrote works that are brilliant in their sparkling melodies and lively energy. With dynamic fast movements and moving slow movements, and with a masterful accompaniment, these concertos are among the emblems of the violin repertoire. Soloist Emmy Verhey is excellent, with beautiful tone and energy in the faster movements, and a delightful sound in the slower movements, such as the magnificent Adagio of the third concerto in G major.

The Sinfonia Concertante for Violin, Viola & Orchestra in E flat major KV 364 is a beautiful work. Not exactly a concerto - it features violin and viola as soloists - yet not quite a symphony, in spite of the variety of instruments in the orchestra, this is a hybrid work which shows Mozartís ability to compose for a large ensemble and soloists together. Recalling some of his later piano concertos, it opens with a long Allegro maestoso, which, with its use of horns and oboes, is very symphonic. The duo-solos of the violin and viola are very interesting, and the orchestra is almost a soloist as well in this work. The closing Presto is a sprightly movement, with winds and horns again taking centre stage before the soloists enter. The performance is excellent, with both soloists playing with great energy, although the viola is sometimes drowned out in the mix.

This first volume of Brilliant Classicís complete Mozart set certainly bodes well for the other 23 volumes. The performances range from good to excellent, the sound is almost always fine. For those who do not know Mozartís music well, this is a good chance to start exploring it - the very low price of this set is certainly an invitation, but the overall quality makes it an excellent bargain.

Kirk McElhearn

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