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ALAN HOVHANESS   Catalogue of Works Part 1

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Alan Hovhaness, of Armenian and Scottish descent, was born in Somerville, Massachusetts, on March 8, 1911. He began composing as soon as he could read music, at the age of four - a spontaneous act which seems to have had about it the inevitability of an unquestioned law of nature. Since that time he has been like a river flowing into every form of musical expression. From pieces for various solo instruments and chamber ensembles, including oriental instruments, his art expands nobly through large orchestras and choirs. His output is vast. as indeed are the giant melodies which characterize much of his work.

At the time of the second world war, Hovhaness made the courageous decision to destroy almost his entire previous output - more than a thousand works. This oft quoted "legend" is true, his reasons being bound up in his ever expanding awareness of the potential of combining Eastern with Western influences, which cast feelings of strong dissatisfaction on his work prior to that time. A detailed analysis and study of 7th century Armenian religious music, classical music of South India, orchestral music of Tang Dynasty China, Ah-ak of Korea, and Gagaku of Japan, revolutionized Hovhaness's approach to his own composing.

Since his "new beginning" he has composed more than 360 works to date, including orchestral pieces, concertos, oratorios, operas, chamber works, songs, and 52 symphonies (see Classified Index). All this is music of direct and exquisitely melodic nature, abounding in fascinating rhythmic invention, some of it using microtones (which, the composer feels, frees music from conventional Western restrictions, thereby allowing greater fluidity), and with a unity that touches on a sphere beyond the realm of mere orchestral sound.

Although widely performed (some twenty years ago. an astonishing 1,030 performances were reported by Broadcast Music, Inc. for a single year), the music of Alan Hovhaness is unknown to many and deserves to be better known and more frequently performed today. When this occurs one of the foremost musicians of our time will secure his rightful place.

  Excerpts from biographical notes published by C. F. Peters Corporation (1967):

"The first strong influences on young Hovhaness were the study of astronomy and the music of the Armenian composer-priest Gomidas Vartabed. Also, long walks among the hills of New Hampshire brought about curious meditative moods in the young composer; accompanied by strong sensations of being both in a New England countryside and at the same time in some oriental country such as China or India, with mountains becoming giant melodies.

"Hovhaness received his early training in piano with Adelaide Proctor and Heinrich Gebhard, and in composition with Frederick Converse at the New England Conservatory of Music. In 1933 he won the Samuel Endicott Prize for a symphony in three movements which was performed by the New England Conservatory Orchestra conducted by Wallace Goodrich. This early symphony is no longer in existence. [Movements 1 and 3 of Hovhaness's officially designated Symphony 1, op 17/2, were composed in 1936 and performed for the first time in England with the BBC Symphony conducted by Leslie Heward, on May 26, 1939.]

"Hovhaness was organist in an Armenian church in Watertown, Massachusetts, where his original style of improvising in ancient modes during services attracted music lovers from distant cities ... Hovhaness studied the old Armenian notations collected by Father Hagop Mekjian. Because of the discipline and inspiration of this study, Hovhaness composed many books of new melodies, and developed his own long melodic line, creating giant melodies in both slow and fast tempi. An outstanding example of this is his Symphony 8, Arjuna, which he composed early in 1947. This symphony remained unperformed until February 1960, when it received its world premiere in Madras, India, after which it was performed in Japan, Korea, Germany, France, Hawaii and over CBC Vancouver.

"Reviewing a Hovhaness Carnegie Hall concert in the New York Herald Tribune in 1947, Virgil Thomson wrote of Hovhaness's music: 'It's expressive function is predominantly religious, ceremonial, incantatory, its spiritual content of the purest. .. The high quality of the music, the purity of its inspiration, is evidenced in the extreme beauty of the melodic material, which is original material, not collected folklore, and in the perfect sweetness of taste it leaves in the mouth.... It brings delight to the ear, and pleasure to the thought. For all its auditory complexity - for ornateness is of the essence - it is utterly simple in feeling, pure in spirit and high-minded."

For additional information see America's Music, Rev. 2nd Ed (Gilbert Chase), An Analytical Survey of the Music of Alan Hovhaness (A. Rosner dissertation, State University of New York, Buffalo, 1972), The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians (ed. Stanley Sadie) and Our American Music, 4th Ed. (John Tasker Howard).

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Op. 1

1. Oror (Lullaby) for violin & piano. 1922?; rev. 1926. 3m CFP

2. Suite for violin & piano. 1927. 9m

Op. 2

1. Monadnok (Fantasy) for orchestra. 1935? 5m CFP [2222 4331 timp strings]

2. Storm on Mt. Wildcat (Fantasy) for orchestra. 1931. 6m Ms. [2222 4331 timp percus strings]

Op. 3

Trio in e minor for violin, cello & piano. 1935? 9m CFP

Op. 4

Missa brevis (t. Latin) for bass, chorus (SATB), strings & organ. 1935?. 12m CFP

Op. 5

3 Odes of Solomon (t. Biblical) for medium voice & piano. 1935. CFP

1. No way is hard. 4m

2. As the work of the husbandman. 3m

3. As the wings of doves 2m

Op. 6

1. Toccata and Fugue for piano. 5m CFP Toccata. 1969. Fugue. 1935.

2. Toccata and Fugue on a Kabardin Tune for piano. 1951. Ms

Op. 7

How I adore Thee (t. Bliss Carman, lyric Sappho) for medium voice & piano. 1936. 3m CFP
Op. 8

String quartet 1 for 2 violins, viola & cello. 1936. 13m Ms.

Op. 9

Quintet 1 for 2 violins, viola, cello & piano. 1926; rev. 1962. 10m CFP

Op. 10

3 Preludes and Fugues for piano. 1935. 10m CFP

Op. 11

Sonata for violin & piano. 1937. 10m Ms.

Op. 12

Sonata Ricercare for piano. 1935. 8m CFP

1. Passacaglia in canon.

2. Mirror Fugue.

3. Fugue.

Op. 13

Prelude and Fugue in a minor for oboe (or flute) & bassoon. 1935; rev. 1959. 3m CFP

Op. 14

Tapor (processional) for band. 1948. 5m CFP

[Piccolo in C, 8 flutes, 2 oboes, E flat clarinet, 6 Bb. clarinets I, 6 B flat clarinets II, 2 E flat alto clarinets, 2 B flat bass clarinets, E flat alto saxophone, B flat tenor saxophone, E flat baritone saxophone, 2 bassoons, 2 B flat cornets I, 4 B flat cornets II, 4 B flat cornets III, 4 horns in F, baritone (treble clef), 2 baritones (bass clef), 3 trombones, 6 tubas, string bass, timpani]

Op. 15

Suite for band. 1948. 10m CFP

[Piccolo in C, 8 flutes, 2 oboes, E flat clarinet, 6 B flat clarinets I, 6 B flat clarinets II, 6 B flat clarinets III, 6 B flat clarinets IV, 2 E flat alto clarinets, 2 B flat bass clarinets, E flat alto saxophone, B flat tenor saxophone, E flat baritone saxophone, 2 bassoons, 3 B flat cornets I, 3 B flat cornets II, 4 horns in F I, 4 horns in F II, baritone (treble clef), 2 baritones (bass clef), 3 trombones I, 3 trombones II, 3 trombones III, 6 tubas, string bass, timpani, giant gong]

Op. 16

Fantasy for piano. 1952. 19m CFP

Op. 17

1. Concerto for cello & orchestra. 1936. 25m CFP [Orch: 2222 4330 timp hp strings] 1. 1936. 2. 1970. 3. 1936.

2. Symphony 1. Exile for orchestra. 1936 (movts 1, 3); 1970 (movt 2). 20m CFP [2222 4331 timp hp strings]

Op. 18

Variations and Fugue for orchestra. 1963. 13m CFP [3322 4331 timp perc hp glock strings]

Op. 19

Angelic Song (cantata) (t. anon.) for soprano (or tenor), horn & strings 1947. 12m CFP

Op. 20

1. Nocturne for harp. 1937; rev. 1961. 5m CFP

2. Nocturne for flute & harp. 1956. Ms.

Op. 21

Suite in d minor for English horn & bassoon. 1933. 8m CFP

Op. 22

Mystic Flute for piano solo. 1937. 2m CFP

Op. 23

Suite for oboe & bassoon. 1949. 15m CFP

Op. 24

1. Yar Nazani (t. Hamasdegh, in Armenian) for voice & piano. 1938. 4m CFP.

2. Vaspooragan for voice & piano. 1938.

Op. 25

Lament for clarinet. 1935. 2m CFP

Op. 26

Behold, God is my help (t. Psalm 54:1,2,4,6) for chorus (SATB) & organ/piano. 5m CFP

Op. 27

O Lord God of hosts (t. Psalm 89:8,9,11,52) for chorus (SATB), organ (or piano), 2 trumpets & 2 trombones ad lib. 5m CFP

Op. 28

O Lord rebuke me not (t. Psalm 6:1-4) for chorus (SATB) & organ (or piano). 5m CFP

Op. 29

Layla (t. Persian poet Jami (1400), from epic poem Salaman and Absal) for medium voice & piano. 1935. 4m CFP

Op. 30

4 Bagatelles for 2 violins, viola & cello. 1966. 6m CFP

Op. 31

2 Shakespeare Sonnets for voice & piano. 1939. CFE

Op. 32

1. Starlight of Noon (t. composer) for voice & piano. 1947. 2m CFP

2. O World (t. Percy Bysshe Shelley) for bass & piano (also for tenor (or baritone) & trombone (or piano)). 1960. 4m CFP

Op. 33

Love Songs of Hafiz (t. composer) for medium voice & piano. 1936-67. c.15m

1. Hafiz, like Lord Krishna, darting

2. Hafiz is a merry old thief

3. Beloved, you looked into space, saying

4. Hafiz wanders, weeping amid tombs

5. Day of Hafiz' vision, her face in rainbow clouds

6. O love, hear my cry beyond death's door

7. Where is my beloved? All is emptiness

8. "Love for the soul," strange Hafiz cries

Op. 34

Watchman, tell us of the night (Christmas Song) (t. John Bowring 1825 hymn). 1927; rev. 1962. CFP

a. For bass & organ (or piano). 5m

For bass, chorus (SATB), oboe, clarinet & strings. 5m

Op. 35

The Lord's Prayer for chorus (SATB) & organ (or piano). 1962. 3m CFP

Op. 36

2 Ghazals for piano. 1933; rev. 1966. 4m CFP

Op. 37

Vijag for 2 pianos. 1946. 4m CFP

Op. 38

Mazert Nman Rehani (Thy Hair is like a Basil Leaf) for piano. 1944. 5m CFP

Op. 39

Artinis (Urarduan: Sun God) for piano. 1945. 5m CFP

Op. 40

a. Psalm and Fugue for strings. 1940. 6m CFP

b. Alleluia and Fugue for strings. 1940. 10m BB

Op. 41

Protest and Prayer (t. composer) for tenor, chorus (TTBB) & organ (or piano). 1967. 10m CFP

Op. 42

I will rejoice in the Lord (t. Habakkuk 3:18,19) for chorus (SATB) & organ (or piano). 7m CFP

Op. 43

12 Armenian Folksongs for piano. 1943. 9m CFP

Op. 44

Celestial Fantasy: 1935; orchestrated 1944 7m BB.

Op. 45

Armenian Rhapsody 1 for percussion & strings. 1944. 5m Peer

Op. 46

Let us love one another (t. John 4:7,8,12) for chorus (SATB), tenor (or baritone) ad lib. & organ/piano. 1941-62. 5m CFP

Op. 47

a. Varak for violin & piano. 1944. 5m CFP

b. Arshalouis (Dawn) for violin & piano. 1939-43. CFE

Op. 48

Lousadzak (The Coming of Light) (concerto) for piano & strings. 1944. 18m Peer
Op. 49

Khrimian Hairig for trumpet & strings. 1944. 9m CFP

Op. 50

Elibris (God of Dawn of Urardu.) (concerto) for flute & strings. 1944. 10m Peer

Op. 51

Armenian Rhapsody 2 for strings. 1944. 5m BB

Op. 52

1. Lousnag Kisher (Moonlight Night) for piano. 1943. TP

2. Lullaby for piano 1951 1m Publ. in American Composers of Today (Marks Music Corp.)

Op. 53

1. Jesus, Lover of my Soul (t. Charles Wesley, 1740) for voice, chorus (SATB) & organ (or piano). 1922-35. 4m CFP

2. Tzaikerk (Evening Song) for flute, violin, drums & strings. 1945. 10m Peer

Op. 54

1. Invocations to Vahaken for piano & percussion. 1945. 15m Ms

2. Hakhpat (sonata) for piano & percussion. 1946-51. 20m Ms

Op. 55

2 Pieces for piano. CFP

1. Vanandour. 1945. 2m

2. Farewell to the Mountains. 1946. 2m

Op. 56

1. Chahagir for viola. 1944. 2m BB

2. Yeraz (The Dream) for violin. 4m Mills

3. Hercules (t. composer) for soprano & violin. 1959. 5m CFP

Op. 57

1. Anahid (Fantasy) for flute, English horn, trumpet, timpani, percussion & strings. 1944. 14m CFP

2. Vosdan for flute, trumpet, timpani & strings. 1948. 7m Ms

Op. 58

Sharagan and Fugue for brass choir. 1947. 6m RK

[2 B flat trumpets, horn in F, baritone, tuba]

Op. 59

Is there Survival? (King Vahaken) (ballet suite) for orchestra. 1949. 15m CFP [0040,a sax 0400 timp percuss(3)]

Op. 60

1. Mihr for 2 pianos. 1945. TP

Op. 61

Divertimento for oboe, clarinet, bassoon & horn (or 4 clarinets). 1947. 12m CFP

1. Prelude.
2. Fantasy.
3. Canzona.
4. Canzona.
5. Canon (in 4 keys).
6. Aria.
7. Finale (Fugue)

Op. 62

Etchmiadzin (opera). 1946. 2 hrs Ms

a. [Soli: 4 sopranos, 3 baritones. Chorus of nuns: SA. Chorus of angels: SA. Chorus of people: SABar. Orch: flute, English horn, trumpet, 2 Chinese drums, 4 Burmese gongs, sistrum of many tiny bells, strings]

b. Prayer of St. Gregory (interlude from the opera) for trumpet & strings. 1946. 4m Peer

Op. 63

Greek Rhapsody 1 for piano. 1944. 10m Ms

Op. 64

1. Achtamar for piano. 1947. 4m Peer

Op. 65

Avak, the Healer: cantata for soprano, trumpet & strings. 1945-46. 20m Peer

Op. 66

1. Kohar for flute, English horn, timpani & strings. 1946. 5m CFP

2. Agori (concerto) for flute, English horn, bassoon, trumpet, timpani & strings. 1946. 10m Fuji

Op. 67

Saris for violin & piano. 1946. 8m CFP

Op. 68

Sing aloud (motet)(t. Psalm 81:1) for chorus (SATB). 1951. 1m CFP

Op. 69

Sanahin (partita) for organ. 1951-66. 12m CFP

Op. 70

5 Fantasies for brass choir. 1967. 15m CFP

1-3. For horn, trumpet & trombone.

4-5. For horn, 2 trumpets & trombone (or tuba).

Op. 71

Haroutiun (Resurrection)(aria & fugue) for trumpet & strings. 1948. 10m CFP

a. For trumpet & piano.

Op. 72

Canzona and Fugue for brass (horn, 2 trumpets & trombone (or tuba)). 1967. 5m CFP

Op. 73

1. Khirgiz Suite for violin & piano. 1951. 6m CFP

2. Shatakh for violin & piano. 1947. 6m Peer

Op. 74

4 Songs (t. Consuelo Cloos) for voice & piano. 1947. CFP

1. Pagan Saint. 1m

2. Lullaby of the Lake. 1m

3. I Heard Thee Singing. 3m

4. Raven River (for voice, piano & gong). 2m

Op. 75

Sosi-Forest of Prophetic Sounds for violin, piano, horn, timpani, giant tam-tam & strings. 1948. 10m Peer

Op. 76

30th Ode of Solomon (cantata) (t. Biblical) for baritone, chorus (SATB), trumpet, trombone & strings. 1948. 30m CFP


1. Overture for trombone & strings. 5m

5. Processional and Fugue for trumpet/clarinet & strings. 5m

Op. 77

Zartik Parkim (concerto) for piano & chamber orchestra. 1948. 15m Peer. [Orch: 1010 2100 timp perc strings]

Op. 78

Artik (concerto) for horn & strings. 1948. 15m CFP

a. For horn & piano. CFP

Op. 79

6 Dances for horn, 2 trumpets, trombone & tuba. 1967. 7m CFP

Op. 80

I have seen the Lord (t. St. John 20:11-16,18) for soprano, chorus (SATB), trumpet & organ (or piano). 1962. 5m CFP

Op. 81

Janabar for violin, trumpet, piano & strings. 1949. 35m Peer

Op. 82

Transfiguration (cantata)(t. Mark 9:2-9) for tenor & chorus (SATB). 1956. 16m CFP

[Incl: 13-16. And as they came down from the mountain (t. Mark 9:9). 5m]

Op. 83

Hymn to Yerevan for full band. 4m CFP

[Piccolo in C, 7 flutes, 2 oboes, 2 E flat clarinets, 6 B flat clarinets, 2 E flat alto clarinets, 2 B flat bass clarinets, 2 bassoons, E flat alto saxophone, B flat tenor saxophone, E flat baritone saxophone, 4 B flat cornets I, 4 B flat cornets II, 4 horns in F I, 4 horns in F II, baritone (treble clef), 2 baritones (bass clef), 6 trombones I, 6 trombones II, 6 trombones III, 4 tubas, string bass, timpani, tamtam, bass drum, glockenspiel, vibraphone, chimes]

Op. 84

2 Songs (t. Jean Harper) for voice & piano. 1950. CFP

1. Black Pool of Cat. 2m
2. Innisfallen. 1m

Op. 85

Fantasy on an Osseitin Tune for piano. 1951. 4m Peer

Op. 86

Make haste (motet) (t. Psalm 70:1) for chorus (SATB). 1951. 2m CFP

Op. 87

4 Motets for chorus (SATB). 1951. AMP

1. Why hast Thou cast us off?

2. Unto Thee O God.

3. Keep not Thy Silence.

4. Praise Ye the Lord.

Op. 88

Concerto 1. Arevakal (Season of the Sun) for orchestra. 1951. 25m AMP

[2222 2200 timp perc hp strings]

Op. 89

1. Concerto 2 for violin & strings. 1951-57. 20m CFP

Op. 90

1. Upon Enchanted Ground for flute, cello, harp & tamtam. 1951. 4m CFP

Op. 91

Khaldis (concerto) for 4 trumpets (or any multiple thereof), piano & percussion. 1951. 18m RK

Op. 92

Orbit 1 for flute, harp, celesta & tamtam. 1952. 4m Ms

Op. 93

1. Talin (concerto) for viola & strings. 1951-52. 16m AMP

2. I will lift up mine eyes (cantata)(t. Psalm 121) for chorus (SATB), boys' chorus, bass ad lib., organ & harp (or piano) ad lib. 1967. 15m CFP Include:

1. My help cometh from the Lord (t. Psalm 121:2-6).

2. The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil (t. Psalm 121:7-8).

Op. 94

Concerto 3. Diran for baritone horn (or trombone) & strings. 1948. 10m RK

Op. 95

3 Songs (t. Jean Harper) for voice & piano. 1950. 5m CFP

1. Describe Me.

2. Green Stones.

3. Fans of Blue.

Op. 96

Sonata for piano: 1954. Revised 1967. 7m CFP

Op. 97

Quartet 1 for flute, oboe, cello & harpsichord (or piano). 1936; rev. 1952. 8m MT

Op. 98

1. Partita for piano & strings. 12m Ms

2. Concerto 4 for orchestra. 1952. 14m CFP [322(eh)2 4231 timp hp strings]

3. Concerto 5 for piano & strings. 13m Ms

Op. 99

Suite for violin, piano, percussion (1 player: celesta, tam-tam, xylophone). 1950. 15m CFP

Op. 100

Triptych for voices & instruments.

1. Ave Maria for boys' (or women's SSAA) voices, 2 oboes (or trumpets or clarinets), 2 horns (or trombones) & harp (or piano). 1955. 3m AMP

2. Christmas Ode (As on the Night) for soprano, celesta & strings. 1952. 5m AMP

3. The Beatitudes for chorus (SATB), 2 oboes, 2 horns, harp, celesta & strings. 1955. 7m AMP

4. Easter Cantata for soprano, chorus (SATB), 2 oboes, 2 horns, 3 trumpets, tamtam, harp, celesta & strings. 1953. 16m AMP

Op. 101

Hanna (quartet) for 2 clarinets & 2 pianos. 1951. 10m CFE

Op. 102

Orbit 2 for piano (or alto recorder & piano). 1952. 5m Peer

Op. 103

Jhala for piano. 1951. 5m Peer

Op. 104

Allegro on a Pakistan Lute Tune for piano. 1952. 4m Publ. in New Music for the Piano (Lawson-Gould, Inc.)

Op. 105

Make a Joyful Noise (cantata) (t. from Psalms 54-56) for baritone (or tenor), chorus (SATB), 2 trumpets, 2 trombones & organ (or piano). 1966. CFP

1. Make a joyful noise. 2m

2. Save me, O God. 4m

3. Give ear to my prayer. 9m

4. Make His praise glorious. 5m

Op. 106

Gamelan and Jhala for carillon. 1951. 2m CFP

Op. 107

Island Sunrise for orchestra. 1964. 5m CFP [33(eh)3(b cl)3(c bsn) 4331 timp perc(6) p(2) celesta strings]

Op. 108

Sextet for violin & 5 percussion. 1966. 15m CFP

Op. 109

Quintet 2 for 2 violins, viola, cello & piano. 1964. 15m Ms

Op. 110

2 Sonatas for Koto (or harp). 1962 5m Ms

Op. 111

1. Pastoral 1 for piano. 1952. 5m Peer

2. Hymn to a Celestial Musician for piano. 1951. 3m Peer

Op. 112

Quartet 2 for flute, oboe, cello & piano. 1950. 14m MT

Op. 113

3 Haikus for piano. 1965. 3m CFP

Op. 114

Concerto 6 for harmonica (or flute or oboe) & strings. 1953. 10m CFP

a. For harmonica & piano.

Op. 115

Canticle (t. composer) for soprano, oboe, xylophone, harp, celesta & strings. 1953. 10m CFP

Op. 116

Concerto 7 for orchestra. 1953. 20m AMP

[2222 4231 timp perc hp celesta strings]

1. Allegretto.

2. Allegro (Jhala-Scherzo).

3. Double Fugue-Epilogue (Hymn to Louisville).

Op. 117

Concerto 8 for orchestra. 1957 20m CFP

[2222 2210 timp perc hp strings]

Op. 118

Sonata 1 for flute. 1964. 9m CFP

Op. 119

Mountain Idylls (3 easy pieces) for piano. 5m AMP

1. Moon Lullaby. 1955.

2. Moon Dance. 1949

3. Mountain Lullaby 1931

Op. 120

Sonatina for piano. 1962. 6m CFP

Op. 121

Sonata for Ryuteki (or flute) & sho (or organ). 8m CFP

Op. 122

Duet for violin & harpsichord. 3m CFP

1. Prelude.

2. Haiku.

3. Aria.

Op. 123

Vision from High Rock for orchestra. 1954 11m CFP

[2222 2200 timp perc hp celesta strings]

Op. 124

Glory to God (t. Luke 2:8-11,13-14) for soprano, alto, chorus (SATB) & orchestra. 1954. 14m CFP

[Orch: 0000, a sax 4400 timp perc(2) org(or piano)]

Op. 125

The Flowering Peach (incidental music to Clifford Odets play) for clarinet, saxophone, timpani, tamtam, vibraphone, glockenspiel, harp & celesta. 1954. 19m AMP

Op. 126

The Stars (t. Henry David Thoreau, from Walden) for soprano, chorus (SATB), English horn, harp, celesta & strings. 1955. 6m CFP

Op. 127

Sonata for harp. 1954. 10m CFP

Op. 128

Prelude and Quadruple Fugue for orchestra. 1936; rev. 1954. 6m AMP

[2222 4230 timp strings]

Op. 129

Tower Music (suite) for 9 winds. 1955.

[1111 2111]

Op. 130

Sonata for 2 oboes & organ. 1963-64. 10m CFP

Op. 131

The Brightness of Our Noon (madrigal) for chorus (SATB). 1954. 3m Jenson

Op. 132

Symphony 2. Mysterious Mountain for orchestra. 1955. 17m AMP

[3333 5331 timp hp celesta strings]

Op. 133

The World Beneath the Sea 1 & 2; 1. For saxophone, harp, vibraphone, timpani & gong. 1954. 10m CFP 2. For clarinet, timpani, bells (or chimes or glockenspiel), harp & double bass. 1963. 15m CFP

These are entirely different compositions bearing the same name, making use of different melodies - sounds - styles.

Op. 134

Immortality (t. old hymn) for soprano, chorus (SATB) & organ (or piano). 3m

Op. 135

October Mountain (suite) for percussion sextet (timpani, 2 drums, tamtam, marimba I & glockenspiel (or marimba II)). 1942; rev. 1953. 11m CFP

Op. 136

Ko-ola-u for 2 pianos. 1962. 3m CFP

Op. 137

O God our help in ages past (t. Isaak Watts, 1719, after Psalm 90) for chorus (SATB) & organ (or piano). 1928; rev. 1963? 3m CFP

Op. 138

Dawn Hymn for organ. 1953. 4m CFP

Op. 139

O Lady Moon 1953.

1. For soprano, clarinet & piano. 3m Publ. in New Vistas in Song (Marks Music Corp.)

2. For women's chorus (SSA), clarinet & piano. 3m Marks Music Corp.

Op. 140

The God of Glory Thundereth (t. from Psalms 27, 117) for tenor (or soprano), chorus (SATB) & organ (or piano). 1935; rev. 1960. 4m CFP

Op. 141

Anabasis (t. St.-John Perse, Engl. transl. T.S. Eliot) for speaker. soprano. bass. chorus (SATB) & orchestra. 1955. 45m CFP [Orch: 12(eh)10 2100 timp perc hp strings] Out of the Depths (t. Psalm 130). 1938; rev. 1959.

1. For voice & organ (or piano). 2m CFP

2. For soprano, chorus (SATB) & organ. 2m CFP

Op. 143

Ad lyram (t. Quintus Horatius Flaccus) for soprano, alto, tenor, bass, double chorus (SSAATTBB) & orchestra. 1956. 12m CFP

[Orch: 33(eh)3(b c1)3(c bsn) 5331 timp perc hp strings]

Op. 144

Macedonian Mountain Dance for piano. 1937. 3m CFP

a. Macedonian Mountain Dance for orchestra. 1964? 5m CFP [2222 4331 timp perc strings]

b. Mountain Dance 2 for piano. 1937-62. 3m CFP 8

Op 145

Sonata for piano. 1956. 9m CFP

Op 146

To the God Who is in the Fire (t. Sh'vet Upanishad 2:17) for tenor, chorus (TTBB) & 6 percussion. 1955; rev. 1965. 6m CFP

Op 147

String Quartet 2 for 2 violins, viola & cello. 1950. 12m Ms

Op 148

Symphony 3 for orchestra. 1956. 22m CFP

[3333 5331 timp perc hp strings]

Op 149

Hear my prayer, O Lord (t. Psalm 143:1,5) for chorus (SSATBB) with optional organ (or piano) 1936-59. 3m CFP

Op 150

7 Greek Folk Dances for harmonica & strings (or piano). 1956. 7m CFP

1. The Selybrian Syrtos.

2. Sweet-Basil Green.

3. Karagouna.

4. Tsaconian Dance.

5. Pastoral.

6. Sousta.

7. Hassapiko.

Op 151

O Goddess of the Sea (t. composer) for low voice & piano. 1957. 4m CFP

Op 152

Do you remember the last silence? for piano. 1957. 5m CFP

Op 153

Dawn at Laona (cantata) (t. composer) for low voice & piano. 1967. 8m CFP

1. Prelude.

2. Vision of Dark Places.

3. The Hosts Flew White.

4. Motionless Breath.

Op. 154

Persephone (t. composer) for voice & piano. 1957. 5m CFP

Op. 155

Meditation on Orpheus for orchestra. 1957-58. 14m CFP

[3333 4331 timp perc hp celesta strings]

Op. 156

The Moon has a Face (t. Robert Louis Stevenson) for medium voice & piano. 1932. 2m CFP

Op. 157

Magnificat (t. Engl. adaptation Hugh Ross) for soprano, alto, tenor, bass, chorus (SATB) & orchestra. 1958. 28m CFP

[Orch: 0200 2210 perc hp strings]

Includes: 4-5. Blessed Throughout All Generations for soprano, chorus (SSA) & instruments. 3m 12. Gloria for chorus (SATB) & instruments. 6m

a. For soprano, alto, tenor, chorus (SATB) & organ (or piano).

Op. 158

Look Toward the Sea (cantata) (t. I Kings 17,18) for baritone, chorus (SATB), trombone & organ. 1958. 30m CFP Include: 11. Alleluia for chorus (SATB) & organ (or piano). 3m

Op. 159

Quintet for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon & horn. 1960; rev. 1965. 17m CFP

Op. 160

Praise ye Him, all His Angels (t. Psalm 148:1-4,7-13) for bass, chorus (SATB) & organ (or piano). 1958. 6m CFP

a. Let them praise the name of the Lord (t. Psalm 148:5) for chorus (SATB) & organ (or piano). 2m

Op. 161

O for a shout of sacred joy (t. American colonial hymn) for chorus (SATB) & organ (or piano). 1958. 3m CFP

Op. 162

Unto Thee will I cry (t. Psalm 28:1,29) for chorus (SATB) & organ (or piano). 3m CFP

Op. 163

In Memory of an Artist (suite) for strings. 1958; rev. 1968. 7m CFP

1. Fantasy on a Fourth.

2. Allegro vivo.

3. Adagio espressivo.

Op. 164

1. Sextet for alto recorder, 2 violins, viola, cello & harpsichord. 1958. 10m Ms

2. Shepherd of Israel (Psalm 80) for tenor cantor, soprano recorder (or flute), trumpet ad lib. & string quartet (or string orchestra). 1953. 10m

Op. 165

Symphony 4 for wind symphony orchestra. 1959. 21m CFP [3-6 fl,2-6 ob,1-2 eh,2-6 cl,b c1,2-6 bsn,c bsn 4-6 hn,2-6 tpt,4-6 tbn,tuba perc(4) hp]

1. Andante (hymn & fugue).

2. Allegro (Dance-trio-dance) .

3. Andante espressivo (hymn & fugue).

Op. 166

Suite for accordion. 1958. 4m CFP

Op. 167

Glory to Man (t. John Lovejoy Elliott) for chorus (SAB) & organ. 1958. 4m CFP

Op. 168

Child in the Garden for piano 4-hands. 1958. 1m CFP

Op. 169

Live in the Sun (t. composer) for medium voice & celesta (or piano). 1954; rev. 1960. 2m CFP

Op. 170

Symphony 5 for orchestra. 1953; rev. 1963. 10m CFP [2222 4331 timp perc hp strings]

Op. 171

Sonata for hichiriki (or oboe) & sho (or organ). 1962. 6m CFP

Op. 172

Blue Flame (A Musical Fairy Tale) (libr. composer) for soprano, tenor, bass, chorus (SATB) & orchestra. 1959. 26m CFP

[Orch: 2222 4231 timp perc hp strings]

Scene 1: Village of Trees.

Scene 2: Black City.

Scene 3: Forest of Endless Snow.

Scene 4: Village of Trees.

Op. 173

Symphony 6. Celestial Gate (in 1 movement) for small orchestra. 1959. 20m CFP

[1111 1100 timp chime hp strings]

Op. 174

Concerto for accordion & orchestra. 1959. 11m CFP

[Orch: 2222 2000 timp hp strings]

Op. 175

Lake of Van Sonata for piano. 1946; rev. 1959. 7m CFP

Op. 176

1. Madras Sonata for piano. 1947; rev. 1951, 1959. 7m CFP

2. Yenovk (The Troubadour) for piano. 1947-51. CFE

Op. 177

Shalimar (suite - musical tribute to the Kashmir region) for piano. 1950; rev. 1951. 11m CFP

1. Fantasy.

2. Interlude I.

3. Jhala of the Op. 182 Fuji (cantata)(t. Yamabe no Akahito, 8th Fountains.

4. Interlude II.

5. Jhala March.

6. Rain Jhala.

7. Interlude III.

8. Jhala of the Waterfall.

Op. 178

Symphony 7. Nanga Parvat for wind symphony orchestra. 1959. 14m CFP

[3-6 fl,2-6 ob,eh,2-6 c1,2-6 bsn 4-6 hn,2-6 tpt, 3-6 tbn, tuba perc(4) hp]

1. Con ferocita.

2. March.

3. Sunset.

Op. 179

Symphony 8. Arjuna for orchestra. 1947. 25m CFP

[11(eh)11 1000 timp piano strings]

Op. 180

Symphony 9. Saint Vartan Symphony for orchestra. 1949-50. 44m Peer

[0000, a sax 1410 timp perc piano strings]

Part I:

1. Yerk (song) for trombone, percussion & strings.

2. Tapor (processional, Canon for 3 trumpets & percussion.

3. Aria for horn & strings.

4. Aria for trumpet & strings.

5. Aria for horn & strings.

6. Bar (dance), Canon for timpani, violins & double basses.

7. Tapor (processional) for trumpet, vibraphone & strings.

8. Bar (dance), Canon for timpani, percussion & violins.

9. Bar (dance), Canon for timpani, percussion & violins.

10. Estampie for timpani & strings.

11. Bar (dance), Canon for strings.

12. Bar (Dance), Canon for timpani, vibraphone & strings.

13. Aria for trumpet & strings.

14. Lament (Death of Vartan) for trombone & piano.

15. Estampie, Double Canon for 4 trumpets, timpani, percussion & strings.

Part II:

16. Yerk (song) (To Sensual Love) for alto saxophone, timpani & strings.

17. Aria (To Sacred Love) for trombone and strings.

18. Estampie for timpani & strings.

19. Bar (dance), Canon for timpani, vibraphone & strings.

20. Aria for trumpet & strings.

21. Bar (dance), Canon for timpani & strings.

22. Bar (dance), Canon for timpani, percussion & strings.

23. Bar (dance), Canon for timpani & strings.

24. Finale (Estampie, Double Canon) for 4 trumpets, timpani, percussion & strings.

Op. 181

Koke no niwa (Moss Garden) for English horn (or B flat clarinet), 2 percussion & harp. 1954; rev. 1960. 7m CFP

Op. 182

Fuji (cantata) (t. Yamabe no Akahito, 8th century, from the Manyoshu; Engl. Japanese) for female voices, flute, harp (or piano) & strings. 1960; rev. 1964. 15m CFP

Op. 183

Wind Drum (dance drama) (libr. composer) for unison male (or female or mixed) voices (or bass or alto solo), solo (or group) dancer(s), flute, timpani, 2 percussion, harp & strings. 1962. 26m CFP

1. Overture.

2. Stone, Water.

3. Dance of Ocean Mist.

4. Island of Mist.

5. Dance of Waving Branches.

6. Snow Mountain.

7. Dance of New Leaves.

8. Three Hills.

9. Dance of Singing Trees.

10. Moan.

11. Dance of Black-Haired Mountain Storm.

12. Time, Turn Back.

13. The Flute of Azura (Celestial Sounds of Azura Heaven).

14. Sun, Melt.

15. Dance of Spring Winds.

16. Trees Singing.

17. Dance of Steep Hills.

18. Approach, O Spirit.

19. Dance of Ocean Slumber.

20. One, Compassionate Ever.

21. Lullaby of Ocean Night.

a. Dance of Black-Haired Mountain Storm (Op. 183.11) arr. for flute & 3 percussion (timpani, xylophone, bass drum). 5m

Op. 184

Symphony 10. Vahaken for orchestra. 1959. 18m CFP

[11(eh),11 1110 timp perc hp strings]

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