President: Mary Alwyn
Patron: Vilem Tausky CBE

The Society was founded in August 1995 and operated until July 2002 with the following aims:

Why an Alwyn Society?

In the ten years since his death Alwyn's works have become known to more music lovers than ever before, not least because of the pioneering series of CHANDOS recordings. Concert performances of his music unfortunately remain few and far between, but there has always been recognition of his huge contribution to the world of film music - between 1936 and 1962 he composed more than 200 scores for documentary or feature films. It is hoped that this society will encourage you to not only share your appreciation of your favourite Alwyn works but to explore those that are less familiar to you - this, of course, includes Alwyn's prose and poetry writing and his painting.

The William Alwyn Society is authorised by the William Alwyn Foundation, a charitable trust set up to promote interest in, and performances of, Alwyn's work. The Foundation offers financial support for performances and recordings of Alwyn's music, and also for educational purposes.

Applications for grants for performances and recordings - of Alwyn's music only - are considered on an individual basis. In respect of grants for training or study, however, the Foundation has established a policy of offering bursaries through educational establishments. Therefore the Trustees cannot entertain miscellaneous requests for educational grants.


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