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Marc Bridle
An Appreciation (LM, ME and BK)




This weekend brings the end of an era for ‘Seen and Heard.’After five years as Editor, Marc Bridle is moving to the USA and to new opportunities. He is hard to replace, and fortunately for both ‘Seen and Heard’ and for MusicWeb as a whole, his invaluable contributions will continue. From June 1st Marc will become our North American Editor and a member of the newly formed Editorial Board. Working jointly with Melanie Eskenazi as London Editor and Bill Kenny as Regional Editor, Marc intends to develop the range of reviews and informed comment that we publish already from the USA and Canada. Between us we hope to consolidate the firm and secure base that Marc has worked so hard to build for our readers, with an increased range of articles, interviews, news and reviews.

‘Seen and Heard’ was started by Len Mullenger and Peter Grahame Woolf in 2000 and has grown continuously and rapidly ever since. Thanks to Marc’s efforts in the last five years, we now have regular reports on significant musical events from most parts of the world : we have published reviews from Hong Kong and Australia in addition to the UK, America and Europe and the range and significance of our reporting has also developed enormously. These days, there are very few important concert halls, opera houses or festivals from which Seen and Heard reviewers are not reporting regularly.

One of the curiosities of working entirely in a virtual medium is that those of us who contribute regularly hardly ever meet. Thanks to the almost limitless capabilities of email however,productive and lasting working relationships can develop quickly with consequent benefits to all involved. Marc’s extensive knowledge of music and the musical scene in general, together with his articulate and often witty style of journalism has encouraged and inspired many new 'Seen and Heard' contributors and we look forward to welcoming more as his work in the USA develops.

We hope that all of our readers will join us in wishing Marc well in his new ventures.


Len Mullenger, Melanie Eskenazi and Bill Kenny

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