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Le Musicien-Poète

(The Poet-Musician)

François Ménissier at the Silbermann organ, Église de Saint-Thomas (Strasaabourg, France).

François Ménissier, in highlighting the sonorities of one of the most beautiful Alsatian instruments, proves that he has great sensitivity and a dazzling mastery of the organ. In following this soon-to-be 100 year old tradition, the celebration of the 28th of July, the day of Bach's death, he shows us the vitality and constant renewal of the young French organist's approach to Bach.

ref : HORTUS 020

Les Witches FORTUNE

Works by Brade, Simpson, Dowland, Morley, Plaford as well as anonymous composers... The Witches: Claire Michon, baroque flute • Pascale Boquet, lute Freddy Eichelberger, virginal • Odile Edouard, violin.

"Masques, ayres, ballad tunes and dances mingle with each other in an unbridled rhythm" (Diapason). "Dances for nymphs, satyrs, witches and the Furies are each given their turn in this recording" (Répertoire).

Parodies, exact quotations, laughter, fright, improvisations, emotions and diversions make up the magic ingredients of this recording of music from the time of Shakespeare.

ref : HORTUS 010

BACH à Weimar
(Bach at Weimar)

Vincent Genvrin at the Grenzing organ of the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Musique in Lyons (France).

"A remarkable recording, unique in its genre ... Genvrin overflows with youthfulness and brio" (Diapason).

These Leipzig chorales all have the distinctive feature of being presented in their original version, as composed by J. S. Bach when he was a young organist at Weimar. They reveal a composer full of youthful ardour.

ref : HORTUS 006

(Return from Bayreuth)

Eleven improvisations on themes by Wagner. Loïc Mallié at the main Cavaillé-Coll organ of the Église de la Sainte-Madeleine (Paris, France).

A veritable goldmine, the Wagnerian leitmotifs inspire Loïc Mallié's free improvisations: a surprising meeting between the worlds of theatre and organ.

ref : HORTUS 017






Le Dernier Évangile Trois Danses Improvisées Poème Symphonique
Olivier Latry (organ), Ensemble orchestral de Paris, Maîtrise Notre-Dame de Paris, Chœur Britten, direction John Nelson
In addition to the programme : four improvisations on the great organ of Notre-Dame by T. Escaich.
"The prosody is stunningly clear... the listener is caught by the spiritual strength of this poetical anthem, swirled away in a maelstrom of music."
(Sylvain Gasser, Répertoire, Dec. 2002)
"In the beginning was the Word... From the very outset, Thierry Escaich sets his distinctive mark: subtle, vigorous rhythm, subdivided into multiple phrases sharing a common spirit. It all leads to a fascinating spatialization of the choral masses, spread between orchestra (co Olivier Latry, galvanized, perfectly at ease with this music) - a superb recording."
(Michel Roubinet, Diapason, Dec. 2002)
ref : HORTUS 024



AMY | DARASSE | MESSIAEN Trois Inventions pour orgue Organum VIII Messe de la Pentecôte

Recorded in Toulouse, St-Étienne Cathedral / Chapel of the Institut Catholique / Notre-Dame de la Dalbade
Dedicated to the memory of Xavier Darasse, Trois Inventions was premiered on Nov. 22, 1995 in Toulouse, Saint-Étienne Cathedral, as part of the concert series Les Arts Renaissants, for which it had been commissionned. A revised version (2001) was premiered at the Lyon Festival of Sacred Art by François Espinasse.
"A programme in which François Espinasse is perfectly at home and gives his imagination free rein, superbly eloquent yet sober." (Diapason)
ref : HORTUS 025


Full Fathom Five Other Shakespeare songs
Chœur de chambre Les Eléments, conducted by Joël Suhubiette Corinne Durous, piano
"A splendid recording - possibly a new phase for Les Éléments. The reserve of former releases (Fauré / Naïve) is gone. The musical discourse has gained freedom and assurance. A must ! "
(Benoît Fauchet, Diapason, Apr. 2003)
"In his patient, unobtrusive way, Joel Suhubiette has contributed greatly to the ongoing major transformation of choral singing in this country (...). The release of Full Fathom Five, their CD dedicated to polyphonic settings of Shakespearean poetry, attracted much attention. A beautiful rendition of an unusual repertoire by one of the rare non-English ensembles to dare tread on such territory."
(Renaud Machart, Le Monde, Jul. 2003)
ref : HORTUS 028



Les Sourires de Bouddha
Chœur de chambre Les Éléments, conducted by Joël Suhubiette
wels, sounds, invocations of Buddha under the names of Amitabha, Avalokita.... Using the voice as an instrument, the music unfolds and expands the underlying theme of void and emptiness.
That Tiêt
"Joël Suhubiette and Les Éléments spare no effort to promote modern music, creating contemporary pieces (giving a fascinating premiere of Desenclos's Requiem, or Ton-That Tiêt's Sourires de Bouddha) and programming a lesser-known repertoire (Vaughan-Williams's settings of Shakespeare songs, for example) (all Hortus releases). What is their secret? What could be more fascinating than suffusing a totally new piece

(Olivier Legay, La Tribune, Jun. 2003)

ref : HORTUS 027 Total duration : 22"19'



Renaissance organs songs
Juliette Grellety-Bosviel, organ (Francheville, F)
Renaissance organ songs reflect the beautifully refined artistic atmosphere of the time. 17th century organ music is deeply rooted in this repertoire, which also inspired some of the greatest masses of the Baroque era. A fundamental Renaissance legacy, never recorded before and brought to light by HortusVoluptatis.
ref : HORTUS 029




Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris
Gregorian choir, conducted by Sylvain Dieudonné Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris
Enterely devoted to the Virgin Mary, this programme reflects a tradition of sacred music which is very much kept alive at Notre-Dame de Paris. Various forms of Gregorian chant (response Vidi speciosam, tropes, Introït Gaudeamus or proses Alleluia, Hodie), polyphonies (sequence Verbum Bonum and versus Praeconia virginis) and a monodie (liturgical drama In Annontiatione) contribute to the glorification and praise of the Mother of God and her Assumption. This programme bears testimony to the musical and religious world from which was to emerge, in this very cathedral, the very first school of Western polyphony.


ref : HORTUS 030 Total duration : 22"19'




Forte ma dolce
Complete organ works

François Ménissier, organ (Zaltbommel, NL & Schramberg, D)

Brahms's deep attachment to Clara Schumann may be the link that runs in filigree through his organ music. The Preludes and Fugues, composed in his early twenties, are the result of their common research on Bach's contrapuntal style. Forty years later, no doubt much affected by Clara's death, he turned again to the organ and wrote the Eleven Chorale preludes. This was to be Brahms's opus ultimum: he died a few months later.

In spite of the long time span, Brahms's organ compositions show a rare coherence - combining Romantic outbursts and Lutheran tradition - yet do not reveal their secrets.

Particulat attention was paid to the texts of the chorale. An interpretation of outstanding quality, on two very different instruments: an 18th century otgan (Zaltbommel) and a Romantic organ (Schramberg).

ref : HORTUS 031 Total duration : 62"08'




Leve, leve muito leve
Fernando Pessoa's musical dreams

Jean-Marie Machado, pianist: Riccardo Del Fra double bass: Andy Sheppard, sax: Solistes de Lyon - Bernard Tétu, choir: EIA wind octet, conducted by Eriv Villevière

"A melancholy piece, superbly orchestrated for woind octet, choir (cond. Bernard Tétu), jazz musicians and singers. With its very "French" yet original treatment of vocal parts, it light touch of madness, and its beautiful melodic lines, this music is sure to appeal to the listener."
(Vincent Lancrin, Classic, Dec. 2003)

ref : HORTUS 100



Loic MALLIE (b. 1947)

Dialogue des Flutes [7'40]
Autour des Principaux [6'04]
Quand les Pleins-Jeux s'emmelent [4'53]
Les Anches <<solo>> [3'12]
Dialogue de Cornets, Clarinette et Hautbois [6'56]
Avanti: crescendo du pp au fff [7'35]
Le doux delire des melanges creux [4'20]
Un Cor Anglais bien <<francais>> et une Voix bien Humaine [11'44]
Delires alleluiatique [4'55]
Loic Mallie, organs
Rec: St-Pothin de Lyon, 6th November 2004 DDD


Loïc MALLIÉ (b. 1947)
Jeux - Improvisations on themes of Debussy

Autour de Debussy [16'50]
Prelude, Fugue et final [4'53], [4'36], [4'35]
Anthologie, la Grotte, Contraste [5'33] [4'22]
Clins d'Oeil [1'44], [2'55], [3'26], [5'13]
Jeux [6'25]
Final [6'27]
Loïc Maille, organ
Rec. Saint Vaast de Bailleul, September 2003. DDD


Guillaume de MACHAUT (c1300-1377)
Ma fin est mon commencement...- Rondeau 14 [1'40]
Moulte sui de bonne heure nee -Virelai 37 [2'25]
Dame, mon cuer m'emportes -Virelai 32 [1'38]
Sanz couer m'en vois -Ballade 17 [1'45]
Ha! Fortune -Motet 8 [1'34]

Guillaume DUFAY (c1400-1474)

Se la face ay pale [1'52]
Ce jour l'an voudray joye mener [1'43]
Bon jour, bon mois, bon an et bonne estraine [1'39]
Par droit je puis bien complaindre et gemir [2'00]
Craindre vous vueil, doulce dame de pris [1'24]
Adieu ces bons vins de Lannoys [3'05]
J'attendray tant qu'il vous playra [1'32]
Adieu m'amour, adieu ma joye [4'07]
Malheureulx couer, que vieulx tu faire? [3'49]
Alma redemptoris Mater [2'58]
Vergena bella, che di sol vestita [3'26]

Josquin DES PRES (c1450-1521)

De profundis clavami [6'30]
Gloria (Missa Pange Lingua) [4'18]
Sanctus (Missa Hercules dux Ferrarie) [5'22]
Louis Thiry, organ
Rec. Chapelle de l'hopital Charles-Nicolle de Rouen, May-June 2004 DDD


  Missa Russica Volume 1

Né otverji méné
Sei den ego je sotvori Gospod

Kto bog velii

Dnes vsiaka tvar

Sei naretchennyi I sviatyi den

Nyne otpouchtchaiechi

Pokaiania otverzi mi dveri

Plotiiou ousnouv

Russian Orthodox Choir of Riga, Johann Shenrock



Missa Russica 2
Dimitri Moîsseîevich IAΪTCHKOV (1882-1953)

Dostoïno iest (Hymn to the Mother of God) [3:52]
Pavel Gripôrievitch TCHESNOKOV (1877-1944)

Soviet prevetchnyi (Gabriel’s annunciation) [3:40]
Serge RACHMANINOV (1875-1943)

Nyné otpuchtchaîechi (Song of Simeon) [3:37]
Bogoroditse Devo (Ave Maria) [2:44]
Slava v vychnikh Bogou (Gloria in excelsis) [2:32]
Tébé poïem [2:31]
Nikolaï APOSTOLOV-STROUMSKI (late 19th early 20th c.)

Velikoïe slavoslovié (Grand doxology) [10:40]
Vladimir Ivanovich MARTINOV (b. 1946)

Apocalypse, Missa Russica [30:32]
Choeur orthodox Russe de Riga/Archiprêtre Johann Shenrock
Recording venue and specific dates not given. Copyright 2004


De profundis
Salve Regina
Verset sur “Ave maris stella”

Veronique Le Guen (organ)

Les Éléments Chamber Choir, Joël Suhubiette

World premiere recordings



Jean-Baptiste ROBIN (b. 1976)

Trois Elements d'un songe (2004): (Frontispice [2'35]; Souffle [2'49]; Crépusculaire [5'34])
Benoit MERNIER (b. 1964)

Cinq Inventions pour orgue: Invention I (1998) [3'18]; Invention (1999) [4'48]
Laurent CARLE (b. 1970)

Aphorismes (1999), (extracts): (Pièce III [1'34]; Pièce IV "Emince sonore" [1'55]; Pièce V [1'27])
Christophe MARCHAND (b. 1972)

Toccata et Canzone à Quatre (2004) [5'44]
Pierre FARAGO (b. 1969)

Nachtlich geschűrtz (2004) [10'37]
Eric LEBRUN (b. 1967)

XV Mystères du Rosaire: x) Eli Eli lamma sabachtani (2001) [5'54]
Valery AUBERTIN (b. 1970)

Vincent Van Gogh - Les Fresques - Lamento (1991) [7'34]
Jacques PICHARD (b. 1961)

Livre d'orgue pour le temps de la Passion (1991-1995);
La trahison de Judas [8'37]
Thierry ESCAICH (b. 1965)

Trois Esquisses (1991): (Tournoiement [2'25]; Rituel [6'08]; Variation sur un souvenir [4'27])
the composers (organ) (Toccata et Canzone a Quatre played with Pascale Rouet)
rec. organ hall, Paris Conservatoire, 27 January 2005. DDD


Marcel DUPRÉ (1886-1971)
Évocation [27:06]
César FRANCK (1822-1890) Cantabile [7:01]
Louis VIERNE (1870-1937) Impromptu [3:11]; Gargouilles et chimères [8:01]
César FRANCK Prière [15:34]
Marcel DUPRÉ Scherzo en fa mineur [6:20]
Rolande Falcinelli (organ)
rec. live, Cathédrale de Belley, France, 1979, 1987. ADD

Jean LANGLAIS (1907-1991)
Corpus Christi (op. 208, 1979)
Messe d’Escalquens (op. 19, 1935)
Sacris solemniis [6:14] (preludé improvisé à l’orgue sur le cantus firmus de l’hymne; versets 1 et 2: chant grégorien; versets 3 et 4: polyphonie extraite de Corpus Christi; prolongement à l’orgue: Sacris solemniis du Livre oecuménique (op. 157, 1968))
Chant d’entrée: Introit Cibavit de Corpus Christi [3:23]
Préparation pénitentielle: Kyrie de la Messe d’Escalquens [1:16]
Hymne de louange: Gloria in excelsis Deo de la Messe d’Escalquens [3:07]
Psaume: Graduel Oculi de Corpus Christi [2:21]
Acclamation avant l’Évangile: Alleluia Caro mea [6:12] (à l’orgue: Verset no 11 extrait de Douze Versets (op. 235, 1986); polyphonie: Caro mea de Corpus Christi; à l’orgue: Verset no 12 extrait de Douze Versets (op. 235))
Séquence: Lauda Sion salvatorem [8:05] alternance entre chant grégorien (versets impairs) et improvisation brèves à l’orgue (versets pairs)
Rite de l’Offertoire [10:52] (antienne: Sacerdotes Comini de Corpus Christi; à l’orgue: improvisation symphonique dur les thèmes grégoriens de deux hymnes de la Fête-Dieu, Pange Lingua et Verbum supernum).
Prière eucharistique: [8:58] (acclamation: Sanctus et Benedictus de la Messed’Escalquens; adoration après la Consécration: O Salutaris (à 2 voix égales et orgue, op. 8, 1932)
La Prière du Seigneur: Pater noster grégorien, a cappella [1:13]
Rite de la fraction du pain: Agnus Dei de la Messe d’Escalquens [1:45]
Rite de la Communion [8:17] (répons Homo quidam grégorien, a cappella; pièce d’orgue "pendant la communion" Homo quidam des Vingt-quatre Pièces (op. 10, 1942); antienne de communion: Communion Quotiescumque de Corpus Christi
Envoi: Fantaisie extraite de l’Hommage à Frescobaldi (op. 70, 1951) à l’orgue [2:41]
Emmanuel Le Divellec (organ)
female vocal ensemble Ad Limina
rec: French Church, Berne, Switzerland, 1-4 April 2005. DDD
HORTUS 040 [64:30]


Joseph GUY ROPARTZ (1864-1955)
Messe de Sainte-Anne: (Entrée -Pièce d'Orgue [1'01]; Kyrie [3'24]; Gloria [4'01]; Offertoire - Invocation a César Franck [4'4]; Sanctus, Benedictus [3'16]; Elévation - Pièce d'orgue [2'50]; Sortie - Pièce d'Orgue [2'01])
Salut au Saint-Sacrement pour la fête de Saint-Louis de Gonzague: (Hic vir despiciens mundum, 2 voix égales [1'39]; Prelude - Pièce d'orgue [0'50]; Ave verum, soprano solo [2'34]; Coelesti convivio 2 voix égales [2'22]; Memorare, soprano solo [3'30]; Méditation - Pièce d'orgue [1'22]; Tantum ergo, chant grégorien [1'32]; Prière de saint Ignace 3 voix égales [2'52]; Sortie-Pièce d'orgue [2'05])
Prière en mi majeur, orgue [4'35]
Symbole des Apotres, extraite de Trois Prières pour chant et orgue, mezzo solo [2'52]
Prière pour les Trespasses, orgue [8'11]
Tantum ergo - chante par les pelerins de Saint-Anne-d'Auray, dimanche 7 aout 2005 [1'36]
Marina Venant, soprano, Caroline Gesret, mezzo
Choeur Britten/Nicole Corti
Vincent Genvrin, orgue de choeur (all accompaniment), Jean Bizot, grand orgue
rec. St-Anne-d'Auray, France, August, September 2005. DDD
HORTUS 042 [60'44]



Magnificat, 'Motet a grand choeur par M' [24'07]
Claude BALBASTRE (1727-1799)

Joseph revenant un jour [5'45]
Ou s'en vont ces gais berger? [5'39]
Jean-Francois DANDRIEU (1682-1738)

Or nous dites Marie [5'22]
Louis-Claude DAQUIN (1694-1772)

Noël sur les Flutes [7'04]
Michel CORRETTE (1709-1795)

Tous les bourgeois de Chastres [3'26]
Tambourins [1'36]
Daniel Meylan (organ)
Agnieszka Kowalczyk, soprano, Jean-Francois Lombard, haute-contre, Bertrand Bochud, tenor, Olivier Bettens, basse, La Camerata Baroque, Arabesque/Daniel Meylan
rec. Temple du Pampigny (Switzerland) 3-4 June 2005, St Jean-de-Losne (France), 28-29 August 2005. DDD
HORTUS 043 [52'59]

    Guilmant: Nöel au Salon

Kurt Lueders (harmonium), Françoise Masset (soprano) & François Lambret (piano)
Hortus 044


Andreas Bach Buch
Dietrich BUXTEHUDE (1637-1704)
Ciacona in c BuxWV 159 [6'05]
J.S. BACH (1685-1750) Fantasia in c BWV 1121 (Adagio) [3'24]
Johann C.F. FISCHER (c1670-1746) Praeludium and Ciacona [5'23]
J.S. BACH Fantasia and Imitatio in h BWV 563 [3'55]
Christian RITTER (c1645-c1725) Suite in F-sharp mineur [13'36]
Carlo Franceso POLLAROLO (c1653-1723) Capriccio (Allegro) [4'35]
Marin MARAIS (1656-1728) Suite d'Alcide (extracts) [7'42]
Johann Adam REINCKEN (1643-1722) Ballet (10 variations) [8'00]
J.S. BACH Toccata in c BWV 911
Benjamin Alard (organ and harpsichord)
rec: Saint-Etienne, Baigorry, France, 27-31 October 2005. DDD
HORTUS 045 [65'50]


TON-THAT Tiêt (b. 1933)

Les jardins d’autre monde (1987) [30:38]
Et la rivière chante l’éternité (2000) [16:38]
Poèmes (2004)a [13:29]
Ensemble Les Temps Modernes, Ensemble Thai-Haa
rec. Salle Varèse, CNSMD, Lyon, September 2006
HORTUS 046 [60:45]

    CORRETTE, MICHEL Messe a l’usage des Dames Religieuses. Le Concert Des Dames / Frederic Bourdin.



    Hélène de Montgeroult - La Marquise et la Marseillaise





    Du Roi des Cieux Tout Célébre la Gloire
A selection of French organ and organ-accompanied choral works from the 19th century


Roger Lenoir & Pierre Roques (organists)

Vocal Ensemble L’Accent Grave




J S Bach
Transcriptions for Harpsichord
Sonata BWV965
Praeludium BWV966
Concerto BWV978
Sonata BWV964
Benjamin Alard
HORTUS 050 [52:44]


Edith Canat de Chizy: Livre d’heures
Canat de Chizy:
Livre d’Heures (1984)
Messe breve de l’Ascension (1996)
Vega (2000)
Improvisation Loic Mallie

Loic Mallie (organ)

Choeur Britten & Les Temps Modernes, Nicole Corti



Grandes Messes du XXe siècle
Louis VIERNE (1870-1937)

Messe solennelle, pour deux orgues et choeur op 16 (1900) [22:39]
Jean-Pierre LEGUAY (b.1939)

Missa Deo Gratias, pour soprano solo, choeur mixte, deux orgues, deux trompettes, deux trombones et percussions (en exécutant) (2000) [30:26]
Philippe Lefèbvre (Vierne); Jean-Pierre Leguay (Leguay) (grand orgue)
Yves Castagnet (orgue de choeur)
Maîtrise Notre-Dame de Paris/Nicole Corti
rec. Notre-Dame de Paris, 2006, 2007
HORTUS 055 [53:07]


Salve Regina
Yves CASTAGNET (b.1964)

Messe: Salve Regina pour chœur, soli et deux orgues [34:30]
Francis POULENC ( 1899-1963)

Litanies à la Vierge Noire [8:33]
Olivier LATRY (b.1962)

Salve Regina pour orgue et voix [22:48]
Choeurs de la Maîtrise de Notre-Dame de Paris/Lionel Sow; Sylvain Dieudonné (Gregorian chant)
Yves Castagnet (orgue de chœur); Olivier Latry (grand orgue)
rec. Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Paris, 8-12, 28-31 October 2007
HORTUS 056 [65:51]

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