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Specification of the Organ at St George’s United Free Church Edinburgh.

Snapshot taken in 1928


1. Bourdon 16ft 8. Flauto Traverso 4ft
2. Open Diapason I 8ft 9. Quint Flöte 2’2/3"
3. Open Diapason II 8ft 10. Flautina 2ft
4. Harmonic Flute 8ft 11. Mixture 4 ranks
5. Lieblich Gedact 8ft 12. Tuba 8ft
6. Dulciana 8ft 13. Clarion 4ft
7. Octave 4ft    


1. Geigen Principal 8ft 5. Geigen Principal 4ft
2. Röhr Flöte 8ft 6. Horn 8ft
3. Viole de Gamba 8ft 7. Oboe 8ft
4. Voix Celeste 8ft 8. Clarinet 8ft


1. Great Bass 16ft 3. Flute Bass 8ft
2. Sub Bass 16ft 4. Trombone 16ft


1. Great to Pedal   6. Swell Sub Octave to Great (by pedal)  
2. Swell to Pedal   7. Swell Octave to Great (by pedal)  
3. Swell to Great   8. Tuba to Great  
4. Swell Sub Octave ( by Pedal)   9. Tuba to Swell  
5. Swell Octave (by pedal)      

Nine Combination ‘Key Touches’ to Great Organ
Nine Combination ‘Key Touches’ to Swell Organ
Balanced Crescendo Pedal acting on entire organ
Balanced Swell Pedal
Pedal for Swell Tremulant.

Built by Lewis in 1897

Electric Action, Tuba and Trombone by Norman & Beard in 1907

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