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Numerical Listing: Album number and complete content

Review PRICE

Gasparo, full-priced £10 or multples thereof

226: New Music from New England. Macchia, Spratlan, Stern, Wheelock — Kadlubkiewicz, v; others. Composer supervised   £10
230: Dubois: Piano Music. Dix Etudes de Concert; Hommage a Poulenc; Pour les belles ecouteuses; Serenade; Son; Toccata — Katahn, p   £10
231: MacDowell: Son 4 "Keltic"; Griffes: 4 Roman Sketches, 3 Preludes — Tocco, p   £10
232: MacDowell: Son 3 "Norse"; Griffes: Rhapsody, Fantasy Pieces — Tocco, p   £10
233: MacDowell: Son 2 "Eroica"; Griffes: De Profundis, Sonata — Tocco, p   £10
234: MacDowell: Son 1"Tragica"; Griffes: Pleasure Dome of Kubla Kahn, 3 Tone-Pictures; Legend — Tocco, p   £10
236: Music for the Appalachian Trail. MacDowell, Mayer, Sowash, Stevens, Weigl, Hiking Songs (Trad) — Various performers. Partial composer supervised   £10
240: Music of Andrzej Dutkiewicz. A-la; Music for Two; Music for 4; Suite, solo pno; Tango; 3 Sketches in Retrospect — Dutkiewicz, p; Lanier Trio (Preucil, v; Lewis, c; Lewis, p). Composer supervised   £10
241: Frescobaldi: Harpsichord Pieces,1637 — Mathews, h   £10
247: Chaminade: Piano Music. Contes Bleus, Op. 122; Dragon Flies, Op. 24; Etude Symphonique, Op. 28; The Fauns, Op. 60; Son, Op. 21; Toccata, Op. 39; Valse-Caprice, Op. 33 — Katahn, p   £10
251: 20th Century Harpsichord, vol. I. Adler, Albright, Martinu, Persichetti, Sowash, Templeton, Thomson — Harbach, h (see 266 Volume 2) Review £10
254: Rick Sowash: Four Piano Trios — Mirecourt Trio (Goldsmith, v; King, c; Jensen,p). Composer supervised   £10
258: American Hymn Preludes. Adler: Hymnset; Read: 14 Preludes on Old Southern Hymns: Schuman (arr. Adler): When Jesus Wept. Tradional hymns sung by the Rochester Singers preceding each organ solo. Organ: C. B. Fisk, Op. 83, 1983, Downtown Presbyterian Church, Rochester, NY — Harbach, o. Partial composer supervised   £10
261: Songs of Warren Benson. 5 Lyrics of Louise Bogan — DeGaetani, s; Boyd, f; Moon, Rain & Memory Jane — Shelton, s; Doane & Isserlis, c. Texts included. Composer supervised   £10
263: Carl Marie von Weber: 6 Sonatas; Air (Theme with 9 Var.) — Steck, v; Orkis, p   £10
264: Jean Martinon: Duo, Op. 47; Sonatine #5; Dello Joio: Variations & Capriccio; Respighi: Son, b, (1917) — Steck, v; Orkis, p   £10
265: Miklos Rozsa: Son., vln solo, Op. 40; Persichetti: Son., vln solo, Op. 10; Strauss: Son., Eb, Op. 18 — Steck, v; Lewis, p   £10
266: 20th Century Harpsichord, vol. II. Borroff, Fine, Harbach, Locklair, Near, Rosner, Thompson — Harbach, h (see 251 volume 1)   £10
268: Carl Nielsen: Music for Solo Piano. Chaconne, Op. 32; 5 Pieces, Op. 3; Humoresque-Bagatelles, Op. 11; Suite, Op. 45, "Den Luciferiske"; Theme with Variations, Op. 40; 3 Pieces, Op. 59 (posth.) — Katahn, p   £10
272: 18th Cent. Women Composers, vol. I. Barthelemon, d'Auenbrugg, Martinez, Park — Harbach, h   £10
273: Dominick Argento: From the Diary of Virginia Woolf (Pulitzer Prize Winner): Warren Benson: Songs for the End of the World — Dupuy, m. Texts included. Composer supervised   £10
274: Music by Southern Composers. Boury, Bryant, Gerschefski, Knox, Presser, Robertson — Lewis, c; Lewis, p   £10
275: The Art of the Lautenwerk. Bach, Dowland, Duphly, Scarlatti, Weiss — Heindel, L   £10
276: Music of John Downey. A Dolphin; Octet for winds; What If?; Adagio Lyrico; Agort — Downey, p; Nelson, t; Zaslav, va; Paratore Duo, p; others. Texts included, Composer supervised   £10
277: Contemporary Organ Music. Adler: Toccata, Recitation & Postlude; 2 Meditations; Reflection; Wind Songs. Locklair: Rubrics; Ayre for the Dance; Pageant for Sally; Inventions. Organ: Aeolian-Skinner, 1988, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Buffalo, NY — Harbach, o. Composer supervised   £10
278: Carl Hoeller: Organ Music. Triptychon, organ; Fantasie, violin & organ; Improvisationen, cello & organ. Organ: 4 manual M. P. Moeller, First Church of Christ, Scientist, Buffalo, NY — Harbach, o; Preucil, v; Christensen, c   £10
279: 20th Century Violin Music. Adler: Canto III; Copland: Sonata; Druckman: Duo; Foss: 3 Pieces; Reynolds: Sonata — Zeitlin, v; Snyder & Foss, p. Partial composer supervised   £10
280: 20th Century Harpsichord, vol. III. Adler, Jones, Locklair, Pinkham, Rosner — Harbach, h   £10
281: 18th Cent. Harpsichord Music by Women Composers, vol. II. Barthelemon, Park, Turner, A Lady — Harbach, h review £10
284: Joseph Haydn: Harpsichord Sonatas, 1771-1776. XVI:20, 23, 26, 28, 32 — Mathews, h   £10
285: Rick Sowash: Chamber Music with Clarinet. Anecdotes & Reflections; Street Suite; Daweswood Suite — Mirecourt Trio (Goldsmith, King, Jensen); Olzenak, cl. Composer supervised Review £10
286: Songs & Night Scenes. Liptak: 7 Songs; Illusions; Baker: Vier Nachtszenen; Omaggi e Fantasie — Cameron, db; Harman, cl; Inglefield, hp; Liptak & Nel, p; Sharp, br. Texts included. Composer supervised   £10
288: Exsultate Jubilate: Sacred Choral Music of Daniel Pinkham. A Curse, A Lament & A Vision; Festival Jubilate; Psalm 46; Small Passion; 2 Motets; Uncommon Prayers; Wedding Cantata — Belmont Chorale; Kelly, dir   £10
289: George Rochberg: The 3 Three Piano Trios (1985, 1963, 1990)— Kapell Trio (Lee, v; Emilianof, c; Swedish, p)   £10
290: 20th Century Harpsichord, vol IV. Boroff, Diemer, Harbach, Persichetti, Read, Rose, Starer, Stern, Van Appledorn, Zwilich — Harbach, h   £10
291/2: Dvorak: The Four Piano Trios — Lanier Trio (Preucil, v; Lewis, c; Lewis, p). 2 CD set [TIME: Best Music of 1993]   £20
293: French Art Songs. Chabrier, Faure, Hahn, Ravel, Saint-Saens, Weckerlin — Marcoulescou, p; Phillabaum, p   £10
294: Women Composers for Organ. vanAppledorn, Archer, Baptista, Beach, Bitgood, Borroff, Demessieux, Harbach, Mendelssohn, Richter, Schumann, Steemson, Stirling, Walker, vonZieritz. Organ: Schantz, 1971, Holy Trinity Parish, Decatur, GA — Harbach, o   £10
295: Albert Roussel: Music for Solo Piano. Des Heures Passent; L'accueil des Muses; Rustiques; Sonatine; Suite; 3 Pieces, Op. 49 — Katahn, p   £10
297: Samuel Adler: Music for Violin. Son 2, 3, 4; Meadowmountetudes; Double Portrait; Little Suite; Close Encounters — Steck, v; Peachey & Lewis, p; Caruthers, c   £10
298: Samuel Adler: Chamber Music with Piano. Piano Trios No.1 (Lanier Trio [Steck]); Piano Trio No. 2 (MacDowell Trio); Duo Sonata (Snyder & Antonova, p); Aeolus, God of the Winds (Lanier Trio; Kitt, cl). Partial composer supervised   £10
299: Stylus Phantasticus: J.J. Froberger. Lamentation, Ferdinand III in F; Suites: II in d; VI in C; XIII in d; XVII in F; XIX in c; XXIX (Nova) in Eb; Toccatas: II in d; XIX in d; Tombeau fait a Paris in c — Mathews, h   £10
300: American Women Composers. Ursula Mamlok: From My Garden; Designs; Sonata; Sonatas by Ruth Crawford, Louise Talma, Ellen Zwilich — Tait, v; Snyder, p Review £10
301: Stephen Paulus: Chamber Music. Air on Seurat; American Vignettes; Life Motifs; Music of the Night; Seven for the Flowers Near the River. — Lanier Trio (Preucil, v & va; Lewis, Lewis)   £10
302: Gabriel Pierne: Music, Solo Piano. Etude de Concert, Op. 13; Passacaille, Op. 51; Preludio e Fughetta, Op. 40/1; Scherzando de Concert, Op. 29bis; Serenade a Izeyl; Variations, c — Katahn, p   £10
303: Robert Ward: Choral Music. Concord Hymn; Earth Shall Be Fair; In His Last Days; Let Us Heed The Voices Within; Sweet Freedom's Song (3 excpts); When Christ Rode Into Jerusalem — Belmont Chorale; Kelly, dir. Texts included. Composer supervised   £10
304: J.S. Bach: 2-part Inventions; Sinfonias (3-Part Inventions); 6 Little Preludes — McIntosh, h   £10
305: Mendelssohn: Piano Trios: No. 1, d minor; No. 2, c minor — Lanier Trio (Preucil, Lewis, Lewis)   £10
306: Dan Locklair: Choral Music. Windswept (the trees); For Amber Waves; Tapestries; Brief Mass; "changing perceptions"; Epitaph — Portland Chorale; Russell, dir. Texts included. Composer supervised   £10
307: Samuel Adler: String Quartets 4, 5, 8.— Charleston Qt. Composer supervised   £10
309: Boismortier: Harpsichord Music. Sonatas 1-4; 5 Pieces — McIntosh, h   £10
310: Salvatore Macchia: Horn Trio (v, fh, p); Heeding the Call (fh, pc); Winter Morning (s, fh, p) — Klock, fh; Kadlubkiewicz, v; Tanner, pc; Emerson, s; van Buskirk & Shank, p. Texts included. Composer supervised   £10
314: Dan Welcher: Vox Femina; Harbor Music, (string qt); 7 Songs on poems of e.e.cummings; The Bequest, f & s — Kellock, s; Cavani Qt.; Amlin, p; Gilbert, f; ISIS ens. Texts included. Composer supervised   £10
315: Music of Leo Sowerby: Con for Harp & Orch; Rhapsody for Chamber Orch; Songs of Resignation; 5 Songs; Serenade for St. Qt. — Monadnock Music Festival: Bolle, Dir; Hartmann, hp; Fortunato, ms; others. Texts included   £10
316: Donald Wheelock: Sonatas for violin & piano; viola & piano; cello & piano — Kadlubkiewicz, v; Wright, p; Bagg, va; Hawkins, p; Lewis, c; Lewis, p. Composer supervised   £10
317: James Bolle: Oboe Con, 8 Pieces for Violin & Oboe, Duo for Violin & Doublebass, String Quartet — Reeve, ob; Fleezanis & Kadlubkiewicz, v; Black, db; Ciompi Qt; Monadnock Music Festival Orch; Bolle, dir. Composer supervised   £10
318: Shema: Music of a Jewish Heritage by Simon Sargon. Shema (s, f, cl,c, p); At Grandfathers's Knee (5 Ladino Songs, s,p); At Grandmothers's Knee (5 Yiddish Folk Songs, t,p); Before the Ark (v, p); KlezMuzik (cl, p); Meditation (c, p); Wedding Dance (v, p) — Deis, s; Dubov, t; Sargon, p; Girko, cl; Adkins, c; Baron, f. Texts included. Composer supervised   £10
319: C.P.E.Bach: Harpsichord Sonatas 1747-1750. g, H . 47; C, H. 59; f#, H. 37; d; G, H. 119; e, H. 106; b; H. 132; Eb, H. 78. — Mathews, h   £10
321: Bach at Steinfeld. An Wasserfluessen Babylon; Con. after Vivaldi, C: Das alte Jahr vergangen ist; Herr Gott, nun schleuss den Himmel auf; Nun danket alle Gott; Piece d'orgue (Fantasy, G); Prelude & Fuge, Eb, "St. Anne"; Son 4, e. Balthasar Konig, 1727, restored 1981, Basilika Steinfeld / Eifel, Germany — Heindel, o   £10
322: Samuel Adler: Song Cycles. Advice for a Young Wife; 4 Songs About Nature; 3 Songs About Love; 2 Portuguese Songs; Songs About Time; Songs with Winds; Unholy Sonnets — Evans, t; Herseth,m; Karpoff, s; Lewis, p; Atlanta Winds. Texts included. Composer supervised   £10
324: Stephen Dankner: String Quartets 3, 4 & 5 — Amernet Qt. Composer supervised   £10
325: Dan Locklair Choral Music. Alleluia Dialogues; Break Away!; Christmas Carol; Dona Nobis Pacem; Holy Canticles; Instant Culture; On Cats; Proclaim the Lord; 3 Christmas Motets — Bel Canto Society, Pegg, dir. Texts included. Composer supervised   £10
326: Joel Hoffman: Chamber Music. Cubist Blues (v,c,p); Sonata (c,p); Fantasia Florentina (v,p); String Quartet — Mason, v; Karp,c; Hoffman, p; Leonore Quartet. Composer supervised.   £10
327: Brahms Piano Trios Op. 87 & 101 — Lanier Trio   £10
330: Phyllis TATE Sonata for clarinet and cello, Air and Variations for violin, clarinet and piano, Three pieces for solo clarinet Karel HUSA Évocations de Slovaquie for clarinet, viola and cello Ingolf DAHL Concerto a Tré for clarinet, violin and cello review £10
331: Into the Millennium: 20th Cent. Harpsichord. Clement, Harris, Klausmeyer, Kouneva, Locklair, McLean, Nagao, Yates — Funaro, h   £10
332: Beethoven Sonatas: Historical Tunings on the modern concert grand. Op. 13, c, "Pathetique"; Op. 14/1, E; Op. 27/2, c#, "Moonlight"; Op. 53, C, "Waldstein" — Katahn, p   £10
333: Simon Sargon: Song Cycles. Bitter For Sweet (Halfvarson, b); Waves of the Sea (Dupuy, m); Ash un Flamen (Klein,s]); A Clear Midnight (Albert, bb; Eustis, fh), Sargon, p. Texts included. Composer supervised   £10
334: The Maiden's Songe: Virginal music played on the Lautenwerk. Bull, Byrd, Philips, Sweelinck — Pyle, L   £10
335: Songs of the Heart. Song Cycles of Gerald Finzi: A Young Man's Exhortation, Farewell To Arms, Oh Fair To See, Till Earth Outwears — Brunner, t; Lisovich, p. Texts included   £10
336: Canyon Echoes. Wm. Bolcom: Tres Piezas Lindas; Katherine Hoover: Canyon Echoes; Libby Larsen: Blue Third Pieces; Stephen Paulus: Fantasy in 3 Parts; Roberto Sierra: Segunda Cronica Del Descubrimiento, Tercera Cronica Del Descubrimiento. — Duologue (DeJong, f; Van, g)   £10
337: Mark Kuss: Chamber Music. Contraband (Pritchard, v; Senedak, p); American Tryptich (Ciompi Quartet & tape); Piano Trio (Pritchard, v; Raimi, c; Hawkins, p). Composer supervised.   £10
338: Violin Music from Poland. Grazyna Bacewicz: Second Sonata for solo violin; Witold Szalonek: Chaconne-Fantasie, op. 9 for solo violin; Lutoslawski: Partita; Szymanowski: Sonata in D minor — Kadlubkiewicz, v; Wright, p Review £10
339: Music By Donald Grantham, Dan Welcher, Kent Kennan. Grantham: From the Diaries of Adam and Eve (Text by Mark Twain); Welcher: Zephyrus for flute & strings; Kennan: Threnody, Dream Tigers & Dance to an Ostinato — The Chamber Soloists of Austin (Allen, p; Kraber, f; Bourianoff, v; Kalisch, va; Sills & Stogner (in Welcher), c; guest artists Ramo, s; Small, br)   £10
340: George Rochberg: Piano Music. Carnival Music, 1971; Four Short Sonatas, 1984; Nach Bach, 1966; Partita-Variations, 1976; Sonata-Fantasia, 1956; Variations on an Original Theme, 1941 — Pinkas, p. 2 CD set   £20
341: Premieres! MacDonald: Prophecy; Ran: Three Scenes for Clarinet; Chen: The Turning Point; Thomas: from Icarus with GustO; Saylor: Cantos from The Inferno; Snapper: The madeleine in the mercury — Arthur Campbell, clar; Marlais, Novgorodsky, piano. All works new commissions by the Yamaha Corp. of America   £10
342: Warren Benson: shadow wood. Danzon-memory; Dawn's Early Light; Shadow Wood, Six Poems of Tennessee Williams — Meadows Wind Ensemble, Delaney, dir; Dupuy, m. Texts included . Composer supervised   £10
343: George Rochberg: Circles of Fire for two pianos (1996-1997) — Hirsch-Pinkas Duo   £10
344: Six Degrees of Tonality. Scarlatti: Son, D, K96; Mozart: Fantasie, d, K385g [in 3 different temperaments]; Haydn: Son, Eb, XVI/49; Beethoven: Son, Ab, Op. 110; Chopin: Fantasie-Impromptu; Grieg: Glockengelaute. 6 different temperaments on the modern concert grand — Katahn, piano.   £10
345: Schumann: Lieder. Eichendorff Liederkreis, Op. 24; Heine Liederkreis, Op. 24; Jugenlieder Op. 79, [7 songs]; Lenau Songs, Op. 90 [3 songs] — Bryden, s; Van Buskirk, fp. Texts included   £10
346: strike - the music of motion. John Cage: Third Construction; Stephen Jones: strike 2, Toru Takemitsu: Rain Tree; Daniel McCarthy: Concerto for Marimba, Percussion & Synthesizers; John Cage & Lou Harrison: Double Music; Lane Harder: The Place of the Hanging Stones; Mohammed Abdul Wahab (arr. Mohamed): Laylit Houb — Meadows Percussion Ensemble, Stroker, dir.   £10
347: Simon Sargon: Flame of the Lord. cantata, Flame of the lord (Klein, s; Scarlatta br); Reb Mendele (Kashper, v); The Weeping Shofar (Hustis, fh); The Narrow Bridge (Hustis, va); Psalm I & Praise Ye The Lord [Psalm 150] (Meadows Chorale, Tsolainou, dir.) Sargon, piano. Composer supervised.   £10
348: I Loved Lucy: New Music for Flute & Guitar. Michael Daugherty: I Loved Lucy; Claudio Tripputi: Tango Cruzao; Robert Xavier Rodriguez: Il Lamento di Tristano; Jeffrey Van: The Turning of the Year; Frank Ferko: Constellations; Albert Biales: Three Movements — Duologue (De Jong, f; Van g).   £10
349: American Music in the 1990s. Pierre Jalbert: Dual Velocity; Samuel Jones: Sonata; George Rochberg: Sonata-Aria; Augusta Read Thomas: Chant — Fischer Duo (Norman Fischer, c; Jeanne Kierman, p).   £10
350: Robert Sirota: Works for Cello. Son, 1988; Fantasy, 1975: Easter Canticles, 1993; Prayers and Lamentations, 1996 — Fischer, c; Kierman, p; V.Sirota, o.   £10
351: Born in 1938. Wm. Bolcom: Capriccio, 1985; John Corigliano: Phantasmagoria, 1993; John Harbison: Prelude, 1993; Ellsworth Milburn: Character Pieces, 1980; Joan Tower: Tres lent, 1994; Charles Wuorinen: An Orbicle of Jasp, 1999 — Fischer, c; Kierman, p.   £10
352: Contact. Michael Daugherty: Lex (Ivanchenko, v.); Brian Prechtl: Cord of Three Strands; Patrick Long: Strange Loops; Bob Becker: Prisoners of the Image Factory; Jamal Mohamed and Ed Smith: Timbuktelu; Christopher Rouse: Ogoun Badagris — Meadows Percussion Ensemble, Stroker, dir.   £10
354: George Rochberg: Piano Music, Vol. 2. Twelve Bagatelles, 1952; Three Elegiac Pieces; Sonata Seria, 1998 — Hirsch, p.   £10
355: Drops of Light. Giorgio Koukl: Fantasia, Trioplay, Five Miniatures, Ritournelles, Narcisse, Fylgjur, Contest Piece, Divertimento — various artists. Recorded by Swiss Radio.   £10
356: Three Song Cycles: Salvatore Macchia: House of Days; Hsueh-Yung Shen: Three Poems of Herman Melville,Catherine McMichael: Scores of Love — Klock, sax; Humphrey, t; various instrumentalists.   £10
357: Kurt Weill: Little Threepenny Music; Robert Kurka: The Good Soldier Schweik Suite — Meadows Wind Ens., Delaney, cond.Simon Sargon: Divertimento for Piano and Chamber Orchestra — Karp, p; Meadows Symphony Orchestra, Phillips, cond. Review £10
359: Raimi plays Raimi, Schoenfield and Kuss: Max RAIMI Eyn Mol; theme with nine variations Mark KUSS Ten American Folksongs Paul SCHOENFIELD (b.1947) Six British Folk Songs (1985) Fred Raimi (cello) Jane Hawkins (piano) except Mark Kuss (piano) in the Ten American Folksongs Recorded Baldwin Auditorium, Duke University, January 2003 Review £10

Catalog Numbers: Prices (GBP) include postage and packaging
Gasparo (Full-Price): 3 digit (GSCD prefix) £10
Gallante (Mid-Price): 4 digit (GG prefix-1000 series) £8
Silver Series (Budget): 4 digit (GSS prefix- 2000 series) £6

Numerical Listing: Album number and complete content


Mid-priced Gasparo Gallante [1000 series]

1001: J.S. Bach: 3 Sonatas for Viola da Gamba & Harpsichord — Meints, vdg; Ornstein, h
1002: Marin Marais: 250th Commemoration. Sonnerie; Suite, D; Feste champetre/Tambourin; Allemande la Singuliere & L'Arabesque; Suite, 3 Viols,G — Oberlin Baroque Ensemble; Wenzinger,vdg; Weaver, h; Ornstein, h
1003: Gabriel Pierne: Sonata da Camera, Op. 48; Canzonetta; Albert Roussel: Trio, Op. 40; Max Reger: Serenade in G, Op. 141A; Suite in a, Op. 103A — Willoughby, f; Meints, c; Price, p; Plummer, va; McDonald, v; Tartaglia, va
1004: Art of Yolanda Marcoulescou, vol I: Bizet, Caplet, Charpentier, Debussy, Enescu, Honegger, Ibert, Isouard, Massenet, Meyerbeer, Ravel, Roland-Manuel, Roussel, Satie, Schmidt, Thomas — Marcoulescou, s; Peterson & Phillabaum, p; Goodberg, f; orch. Texts included. 3 CD set
1005: Art of Yolanda Marcoulescou, vol II: Berlinski, Bowles, Brahms, Carpenter, Cimara, Donizetti, Downey, Draganski, Griffes, Ives, MacDowell, Malipiero, Menotti, Mortari, Respighi, Rodrigo, Rossini, Thompson, Tocchi — Marcoulescou, s; Baldwin, Peterson, & Phillabaum, p; orch. Texts included. 3 CD set
1006: Jean-Phillipe Rameau: Pieces de Clavecin; Pieces en Concert #1; Joseph-Nicolas-Pancrace Royer: Pieces de clavecin — Crawford, h
1007: Edward MacDowell & Charles Griffes: Piano Music. Combined contents of GSCD-231, 232, 233, & 234 — Tocco, p. 4 CD set
1008: Georg Philipp Telemann: Cantata 'Du aber Daniel, gehe hin'; Oboe Son, a; Unacc. gamba Son; Son, e, gamba & continuo; Flute Quartet in G. — Oberlin Baroque Perferformance Institute, 1981. Includes extensive notes, texts, translations, plus August Wenzinger's lecture Telemann As An Artistic Personality
1009: Paul Hindemith: String Trios 1 & 2; Son fur cello allein; Stucke fur fagott und cello — l'Atelier String Trio (Binkley,v; Christensen,va; Christensen, c); Eifert, bn
1010: George Rochberg: Caprice Variations, complete — Zeitlin, v
1014: Music for Flute, Oboe & Guitar. Faure: Pavane; Handel: Son, F Major, Op. 2, No. 5; Jobim: Road to the Sun; Lauro: Valse Venezolano #s 1, 2, 3; Mozart: Adagio, from piano son K570; Piazzola: Cafe 1930; Telemann: Trio, e minor; Villa-Lobos: Distribution des Fleurs — Trio Sonata (Kuskin, f; Dansker, ob; Phelps, g)
1015: Songs of Alma Mahler. Funf Lieder, Vier Lieder, Funf Gesang. Texts included — Dupuy, ms; Sargon, p
1016: Ernst Krenek: 12-Tone Miniatures. 12 Short Pieces, Op. 83; 8 Pieces, Op. 110; 20 Miniatures, Op. 139 — Blumenthal, p
1017: The Drums of Summer: Live from Austria. Warren Benson: The Drums of Summer; Olivier Messiaen: Oiseaux exotiques; Stephen Montague: at the white edge of phrygia; Edgard Varese: Integrales — Meadows Wind Ensemble, Delaney, dir; Meadows Percussion Ensemble, Stroker, dir; Meadows Chorale, Tsolainou, dir
1018: Goldberg Variations — Harbach, h
1019: Sing Me to Sleep - A Lullaby Journey. Lullabies by Brahms, Britten, Canteloube, Cimara, Copland, de Falla, Ginastera, Goldfaden, Gretchaninov, Harty, Mendelssohn, Milhaud, Montsalvatge, Scott, Szymanowski, Tchaikovsky, Weiner & Wolf. — Stark, s; Garvey, p

Budget Priced Gasparo Silver Series [2000 series]

2001: Pachelbel: Canons and More. Canon in D, Ciaconnas in f & d minor, settings from Von der Geburt Christi, Lob - und Danklied, Von der Busse, Advent - Von der Menschwerdung Christi, Vom heiligen Abendmahl, In allgemeiner Landesnot, Vom christlichen Leben und Wandel, Vom Worte Gotte und der christlichen Kirche, Von der Himmelfahrt Christi. New, DDD — Harbach, o
2002: Music for trumpets & Organ. transcriptions (arr. Harbach) of J. S. Bach: Christmas Oratorios, Cantatas 33, III, Cantata 134, 140; G. F. Handel: Two Italian Duets: Quel flor ch'alba ride; No, di voi non vo fidarmi,. Reissued from 1987 Gasparo cassette 271 — Harbach, o
2003: Mozart: Quintet for Horn & Strings; Bernard Heiden: Quintet for French Horn & Strings; Turina: Piano Quartet. Reissued from 1979 & 1980 Gasparo lps 201 & 207 — Mason Jones, fh, in his last recording; Philarte Qt
2004: Jean Berger: Sacred & Secular Choral Music. Brazilian Psalm, Devotional Songs, The Eyes of All Wait Upon Thee, Psalm 57, Six Madrigals, Songs of Sadness and Gladness. Reissued from 1986 Gasparo lp 235 — Belmont Chorale; Kelly, dir. Texts included. Composer supervised
2005: Bela Bartok: Piano Music. Allegro Barbaro, Improvisations on Hungarian Peasant Songs, Out of Doors, Six Dances in Burgarian Rhythm, Six Roumanian Folk Dances, Sonata. Reissued from 1981 Gasparo lp 211cx — Evans, p
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2012: Bela Bartok: Sonatas No. 1 & 2 for violin & piano. Reissued from 1985 Gasparo lp 255 — Evans, v; Evans, p