b New York, 22 November 1925

He was the son of an orchestral violinist. He studied composition, flute and horn at St Thomas' Choir School from 1938 to 1942, and became a professional horn-player. In 1959 he gave up playing in order to concentrate on composing. He taught at Manhattan School of Music from 1950 to 1962, Yale School of Music from 1964 to 1967, and the New England Conservatory, of which he was president, from 1967 to 1977; he also worked at Tanglewood.

1943-4 (18-19)

Six Early Songs

1944 (19)

Horn Concerto

1945 (20)

Vertige d'Eros, for orchestra

1947-8 (22-3)

Symphonic Study

1950 (25)

Symphony for brass and percussion

1951 (26)

Dramatic Overture

1953 (28)

Recitative and Rondo for violin and orchestra

1955 (30)

Symphonic Tribute to Duke Ellington

1957 (32)

Little Fantasy, for orchestra

1958 (33)

Contours, for orchestra

Spectra, for orchestra

1959 (34)

Concertino for jazz quartet

Seven Studies on Themes of Paul Klee, for orchestra

1960 (35)

Capriccio for tuba and orchestra

Contrasts, for wind quintet and orchestra

Variants, for jazz quartet and orchestra

Meditations, for voices

1962 (37)

Journey to the Stars, film score

Journey into Jazz, for narrator, jazz quintet and orchestra

Movements, for flute and strings

Piano Concerto

Six Renaissance Lyrics for tenor and seven instruments

1963 (38)

Yesterday in Fact, film score for jazz quintet and five instruments

Composition in Three Parts, for orchestra

Diptych, for brass quintet and band

Meditation, for band

Threnos, for oboe and orchestra

1964 (39)

Five Bagatelles for orchestra

Shakespearean Songs for baritone and orchestra

1965 (40)

American Triptych, for orchestra


1965-6 (40-1)

Concerto for orchestra, Gala Music

1966 (41)

The Visitation, opera

Study in Textures, for band

Five Etudes for orchestra

Sacred Cantata

1967 (42)

The Five Senses, TV ballet

Triplum, for orchestra

1968 (43)

Colloquy, for two pianos and orchestra

Double-bass Concerto

Fanfare for St Louis, for orchestra

1969 (44)

Shapes and Designs, for orchestra

1970 (45)

The Fisherman and his Wife, children's opera

Consequents, for orchestra

Museum Piece, for ensemble

- I

1971 (46)

The Power Within Us, oratorio

1972 (47)

Poems of Time and Eternity, for chorus and nine instruments

Capriccio Stravagante, for orchestra

1973 (48)

Three Nocturnes for orchestra

1975 (50)

Four Soundscapes, for orchestra

Triplum n, for orchestra

1975-6 (50-1)

Violin Concerto

1977 (52)

Horn Concerto

Symphony No 7

String Quartet No 7

1978 (53)

Deai, for two orchestras

Schuller has also composed a great deal of music for ensembles.

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