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MENOTTI, Gian-Carlo
b Cadigliano, Italy, 7 July 1911

He began his musical studies at the age of twelve at the Verdi Conservatory in Milan, and continued at the Curtis Institute of Music in Philadelphia. Since then he has been permanently resident in the USA. From his first success with the opera Amelia al Ballo at the age of twenty-five he has spent his life composing. He founded the Festival of Two Worlds in 1958 in Spoletto. He has written all the libretti for his own operas, and the libretto for Barber's Vanessa.

1931 (20)

Variations on a Theme of Schumann, for piano

1936 (25)

Trio for a Housewarming Party, for flute, cello and piano

1937 (26)

Amelia al Ballo, opera (the only one Menotti wrote in Italian)

1939 (28)

The Old Maid and the Thief, opera

1942 (31)

The Island God, opera

1944 (33)

Sebastian, ballet

1945 (34)

Piano Concerto in A minor

1946 (35)

The Medium, opera

1947 (36)

The Telephone, opera

Errand into the Maze, ballet

1950 (39)

The Consul, opera

1951 (40)

Amahl and the Night Visitors, opera

Apocalypse, for orchestra

1952 (41)

Violin Concerto

1954 (43)

The Saint of Bleecker Street, opera

1956 (45)

The Unicorn, the Gorgon and the Manticore, ballet

1958 (47)

Maria Golovin, opera

1963 (52)

Labyrinth, opera

The Last Savage, opera

Death of the Bishop of Brindisi, cantata

1964 (53)

Martin's Lie, opera

1967 (56)

Canti della lontananza, song cycle

1968 (57)

Help, Help, the Globolinks, children's opera

1970 (59)

The Leper, drama

Triplo concerto a tre, symphonic piece

1971 (60)

fp The Most Important Man in the World, opera

1973 (62)

fp Suite for two cellos and piano

Tamu-Tamu, opera

1976 (65)

The Hero, comic opera

The Egg, church opera

Landscapes and Remembrances, cantata

Symphony, The Halcyon

1978 (67)

The Trial of the Gypsy, for voices and piano

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