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HOLST, Gustav
b Cheltenham, 21 September 1874
d London, 25 May 1934, aged fifty-nine

He was of Swedish descent; his father taught music and his mother was a pianist. He studied at the Royal College of Music and became a lifelong friend of fellow-pupil Vaughan Williams. After leaving college he earned his living mainly as an orchestral trombonist. In 1903 he became a teacher, remaining so for the rest of his life, and worked at St Paul's Girls' School, Morley College, and at the Royal College from 1919 to

1923. A fall in 1923 permanently weakened his health. He visited the USA twice to conduct his own music. He refused to accept honorary degrees, but did accept the Gold Medal of the Royal Philharmonic Society in


1895 (21)

The Revoke, one-act opera

1896 (22)

Fantasiestucke, for oboe and string quartet

Quintet for wind and piano

Four Songs

1897 (23)

A Winter Idyll, for orchestra

Clear and Cool, for choir and orchestra

1898 (24)

Ornulf's Drapa, for baritone and orchestra

1899 (25)

Walt Whitman, overture

Five Part-songs for mixed voices (1899-1900)

Sita, opera (1899-1906)

1900 (26)

Cotswolds Symphony

Suite de Ballet, in E flat

Ave Maria, for eight-part female choir

1902 (28)

The Youth's Choice, opera

Four Part-songs for mixed voices

Six Songs for baritone

Six Songs for soprano

1903 (29)

Indra, symphonic poem

King Estmere, for choir and orchestra

Quintet for wind

1904 (30)

The Mystic Trumpeter, for soprano and orchestra

1905 (31)

Song of the Night, for violin and orchestra

Four Carols for mixed voices

Song from 'The Princess'

1906 (32)

Songs of the West, for orchestra

Two Songs Without Words, dedicated to Vaughan Williams (qv)

1907 (33)

Somerset Rhapsody, for orchestra

Nine Hymns from the Rig-Veda (1907-08)

1908 (34)

Savitri, opera

Choral Hymns from the Rig-Veda, Group 1

1909 (35)

A Vision of Dame Christian, incidental music

First Suite for Military Band, in Eb major

Choral Hymns from the Rig-Veda, Group 2

1910 (36)

Beni Mora, oriental suite

The Cloud Messenger, ode

Choral Hymns from the Rig-Veda, Group 3

1911 (37)

Invocations, for cello and orchestra

Oh England My Country, for choir and orchestra

Hecuba's Lament, for choir and orchestra

Second Suite for Military Band, in F major

1912 (38)

Choral Hymns from the Rig-Veda, Group 4

1913 (39)

St Paul's Suite, for strings

Hymn to Dionysus, for choir and orchestra

1914-16 (40-2)

The Planets, orchestral suite in seven movements

1915 (41)

Japanese Suite, for orchestra

1916 (42)

Five Part-songs

Four Songs for voice and violin

Three Festival Choruses

1917 (43)

Hymn of Jesus, for two choruses, semi-chorus and orchestra

A Dream of Christmas, for female chorus, piano and strings

1919 (45)

Festival Te Deum

Ode to Death

1921 (47)

The Perfect Fool, opera

The Lure, ballet

1922 (48)

Fugal Overture No 1

1923 (49)

Fugal Overture No 2

Choral Symphony (1923-4)

1924 (50)

At the Boar's Head, opera

Terzetto, for flute, oboe and viola

Two Motets for mixed voices

1925-6 (51)

Seven Part-songs (Bridges)

1926 (52)

The Golden Goose, choral ballet

Chrissemas Day in the Morning, for piano

1927 (53)

Egdon Heath, symphonic poem

The Morning of the Year, choral ballet

The Coming of Christ, mystery play

Two Folk Song arrangements for piano

1928 (54)

Moorside Suite, for brass band

1929 (55)

Concerto for two violins

The Tale of the Wandering Scholar, opera

Twelve Songs

1930 (56)

Choral Fantasia

Hammersmith, Prelude and Scherzo, for orchestra

1933 (59)

Lyric Movement, for viola and strings

Brook Green Suite, for strings

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