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  Founder: Len Mullenger

b London, 7 March 1946

He studied composition and piano at the Royal College of Music, London, and in Italy. He then formed a music department at the London School of Contemporary Dance, where he taught from 1969 to 1974. He has also lectured and taught at the Chelsea School of Art and at Dartington Summer School, and received several commissions.

1963-5 (17-19)

Song 5, for piano

963-7 (17-21)

Song 8, for piano

963-8 (17-22)

Le Dormeur du Val, for mezzo and ensemble

1964-5 (18-19)

Song 6, for ensemble

1965-6 (19-20)

Song 7, for piano

965-70 (19-24)

From the Revelations of Saint John the Divine, for soprano and ensemble

1966 (20)

Song.1, for soprano

966-7 (20-1)

Afar, for ensemble

1966-8 (20-2)

As When upon a Tranced Summer Night, for ensemble

1966-71 (20-5)

Horrorzone, for soprano and ensemble

1967 (21)

Untitled Piece to honour Igor Stravinsky, for flute

1967-8 (21-2)

Song 2, for ensemble

Song 4, for ensemble

1967-71 (21-5)

Jeanne d'Arc, for soprano and ensemble

1968 (22)

Song 10, for ensemble

Song 9, for piano

1969-71 (22-5)

Transformations of the Vampire, for ensemble

Autumnal, for piano

1969-74 (22-8)

World, for soli, chorus and orchestra

1969 (23)

n, for ensemble

1969-70 (23-4)

Folk-song Set, for voice and ensemble

1969-71 (23-5)

Song 11, for soprano and clarinet

1970 (24)

Alice I, for instruments

1970-5 (24-9)

Alice II, for cello

Alice III, for double-bass

1971 (25)

Babylon, for mezzo and ensemble

Untitled Piece to honour Igor Stravinsky for flute, viola and harp

1971-3 (25-7)

Tsuru-Kame, for soprano or alto, small female chorus, three dancers, flute, viola and two percussion

1972 (26)

Snowdrift, for piano

1972-3 (25-7)

Song 3, for soprano and ensemble

Song 12, for soprano and ensemble

1972-9 (25-33)

Mysteries, music-theatre:

The Parting of Darkness from Light

The Earthly Paradise

Noah and the Great Flood

The Prophecy of Daniel

The Parliament of Heaven

The Annunciation

The Betrayal and Crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth

The Deliverance of Souls

1973 (27)

Song 13, for violin

Circle, Chorus and Final Act, music-theatre

1973-5 (27-9)

Commedia dell'lncompresibile Potere che alcune Donne hanno sugli

Uommi, music-theatre

1973 (27-30)

Medea, music-theatre

1974 (28)

Wild Flowers, for two pianos

Evening, for alto saxophone, horn, trumpet, percussion, harp, cello and double-bass

Cipriano, for ten solo voices

Ives, for voices

1974-5 (28-9)

Orfeo, music-theatre

1975 (29)

Piano Concerto No 1

Bouffe, music-theatre

Ru Tchou - The Ascent of the Sun, for drummer

1975-6 (29-30)

Piano Concerto No 2

Offshore, for orchestra

1975-8 (29-32)

Tom Fool's Wooing, music-theatre

1976 (30)

Jazz, for piano

Song 17, for guitar

Song 18, for double-bass

Song 16, for soprano

Pathways of Sun and Stars, for orchestra

1975-7 (30-1)

Mr Punch, music-theatre

1977 (31)

Mine Eyes Awake, for soprano and piano interior

English Country Tunes, for piano

all.fall.down, for piano

All the Trees they are so High, for violin

Lost Lands, for ensemble

1977-78 (31-2)

Long Distance, for piano and ensemble

1978 (32)

Sir Tristran, for soprano and ensemble

Coro, for tenor and ensemble

Piano Concerto No 3

Runnin' Wild, for saxophone

Mountainfall, for mezzo

Ohi! Ohi! Ohi!, for solo voice

1978-9 (32-3)

Piano Concerto No 4

Fast Dances, Slow Dances, for piano

Piano Studies

1979 (33)

Talawva, for mezzo and ensemble

. . . fairest noonday . . ., for tenor and piano

Alongside, for ensemble

Kagamishi, for flute and harp

Grainger, for piano

Sikangnuga, for flute

Sinomi, for percussion

1979-80 (33-4)

Sea and Sky for orchestra

1980 (34)

Lord Melbourne, for soprano, clarinet and piano

Green Bushes, for contralto and piano

Piano Concerto No 5

Boogie-Woogie, for piano

Nancarrow, for piano

Moon's Goin' Down, for solo voice or instrument

1980-1 (34-5)

Piano Concerto No 6

Nobody's Song, for string quartet

1981-3 (34-7)

Whitman, for voice and instruments

1981 (35)

Piano Concerto No 7

Kelir, for six voices

Tree Setting, for piano

Jisei, for ensemble

Reels, for piano

White Rain, for piano or clavichord

Duru-duru, for mezzo, flute, percussion and piano

Stomp, for accordion

Andimironnai, for solo cello

Keroiylu, for oboe, bassoon and piano

Yalli, for solo cello

Terekkeme, for solo cembalo

Rushes, for piano

1982 (36)

Warara, for tenor, flute, clarinet and two percussion

Aijal, for flute, oboe and percussion

Banumbirr, for ensemble

Tya, for ensemble

Mississippi Hornpipe, for violin and piano

Dilok, for oboe and percussion

Gerhana, for solo percussion

Anninnia, for soprano and piano

1982-3 (36-7)

Ouraa, for ensemble

1982-4 (36-8)

Lyrics and Limericks, for voice and piano

1983 (37)

Vaudeville, for mezzo, baritone and ensemble

Australian Sea Shanties, for voices, recorders and piano

Soda Fountain, for voices and cymbals

1983 4 (37-8)

Ngano, for soli, chorus, flute and percussion

1984 (38)

Catana, for ensemble

Delal, for trumpet and piano

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