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  Founder: Len Mullenger

b New York, 12 January 1926
d Buffalo, September 3, 1987, aged 61

He studied piano and composition. He was a friend of the avant-garde composer John Cage, and of many abstract expressionist painters, the results being reflected in his music. He was made Edgar Varese Professor at the State University of New York at Buffalo and also the director of the Center for Creative and Performing Arts.

1951 (25)

Projections 1 and 2, for flute, trumpet, violin and cello

Intersection 1, for orchestra, piano and cello

1957 (31)

Pieces for four pianos

1959 (33)

Atlantis, for chamber orchestra

1960 (34)

Durations I and II, for various combinations

1961 (35)

Durations III - V, for various combinations

1962 (36)

Durations IV, for various combinations

Last Pieces, for piano

The Swallows of Salangan, for chorus and sixteen instruments

1963 (37)

Christian Wolff in Cambridge, for chorus

1965 (39)

Journey to the End of Night, for soprano and four wind instruments

De Kooning, for piano trio, horn and percussion

Four Instruments

1966-7 (40-1)

First Principles, for chamber orchestra

1967 (41)

Chorus and Instruments

In Search of an Orchestration, for orchestra

1968 (42)

Vertical Thoughts 2, for orchestra

False Relationships and the Extended Ending, for two chamber groups

1969 (43)

On Time and the Instrumental Factor, for orchestra

1970 (44)

Madame Press Died Last Week at 90, for instrumental ensemble

The Viola in My Life I and II, for solo viola and instruments

The Viola in My Life III, for viola and piano

1971 (45)

The Viola in My Life IV, for viola and orchestra

Chorus and Orchestra I

Three Clarinets, Cello and Piano

Rothko Chapel, for solo viola, soprano, alto, chorus, percussion and celeste

I Met Heine on the Rue Furstenberg, for voice and chamber ensemble

1972 (46)

Cello and Orchestra

Voice and Instruments

Chorus and Orchestra II

Voices and Instruments

Piano and Voices, for five pianos (pianists also hum)

Pianos and Voices II, for five pianos and five voices

1973 (47)

String Quartet and Orchestra

For Frank O'Hara, for instrumental ensemble

Voices and Cello

1974 (48)

Instruments I

Voice and Instruments II

1975 (49)

Piano and Orchestra

Instruments II

Four Instruments II, for piano, violin, viola and cello

1976 (50)


Oboe and Orchestra

Routine Investigations, for instrumental ensemble

Voice, Violin and Piano

1977 (51)

Neither, opera in one act

Instruments III, for flute, oboe and percussion


Only, for single voice

1977-8 (51-2)

Flute and Orchestra

1978 (52)

Why Patterns, for flute, alto flute, piano and percussion

Spring of Chosroes, for violin and piano

1979 (53)

Violin and Orchestra

String Quartet

1980 (54)

The Turfan Fragments, for orchestra

Trio, for violin, cello and piano

Principal Sound for Organ

Repertoire, for violin, cello and piano

1981 (55)

Bass Clarinet and Percussion

1982 (56)

For John Cage, for violin and piano

Three Voices, for sopranos and tape

1983 (57)

Crippled Symmetry, for flute, piano and percussion

Clarinet and String Quartet

String Quartet No 2

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