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b London, 4 August 1937

He began composing at an early age and studied with Lennox Berkeley at the Royal Academy of Music, where he was much influenced by the music of Schoenberg. In 1961 he was awarded a grant by the Italian government enabling him to study with Nono in Venice, and during the following year he worked at the Electronic Music Studio in Milan. He has been extensively involved with pop and rock music, and has written much educational work for young players.
1963 (26)
Tulo Poems, for chorus
Piece for Mo, for percussion, vibraphone, accordion, three violins, cello and double-bass
1964-5 (27-8)
A Dream of the Seven Lost Stars, for mixed chorus and chamber ensemble
1965 (28)
This One for You, for orchestra
Music for Albion Moonlight, for soprano and instruments
'O Now the Drenched Land Awakes', for baritone and piano duet
1966 (29)
That White and Radiant Legend, for soprano, speaker and instruments
Piano Piece I
1967 (30)
Five, for two violins, viola and two cellos
Trona for Twelve, for instrumental ensemble
18 Bricks Left on April 21st, for two electric guitars
1968 (31)
Gastrula, for orchestra
Pentomino, for wind quintet
Piano Piece II
'Come In Here Child', for soprano and amplified piano 1
969 (32)
The Tentacles of the Dark Nebula, for tenor and instruments
1970 (33)
The Garden of Love, for instrumental ensemble
The Sword of Orion, for instrumental ensemble
1971 (34)
Star Clusters, Nebulae and Places in Devon, for mixed double chorus and brass
Nurse's Song with Elephants, for ten acoustic guitars and singer
With 100 Kazoos, for instrumental ensemble and one hundred kazoos played by the public
'Some Stars Above Magnitude 2.9', for soprano and piano 1
972 (35)
Holy Thursday with Squeakers, for soprano and instruments
When I Heard the Learned Astronomer, for tenor and instruments
An Easy Decision, for soprano and piano
Spillihpnerak, for viola
1973 (36)
A Horse, His Name Was Hunry Fencewaver Walkins, for instrumental ensemble
Jack of Shadows, for solo viola and instruments
Pancakes, with Butter, Maple Syrup and Bacon and the TV Weatherman, for wind quintet
Variations On a Rhythm by Mike Oldfield, for percussion (three players, eighty-four instruments and conductor)
1974 (37)
Star's End, for rock instruments and orchestra
Twelve Hours of Sunset, for mixed choir and orchestra
The Golden Wine is Drunk, for sixteen solo voices
Because He Liked to be at horn e, for tenor (doubling recorder)
and harp
1976 (39)
Alleluia Timpanis, for orchestra
The Odyssey, for chorus and orchestra
Circe Variations, for instrumental ensemble
The Ones Who Walked Away from Omelas, for instrumental ensemble
1977 (40)
The Song of the White Horse, for chorus and orchestra
On the Beach at Night, for voices and instruments
1977-8 (40-1)
The Way of Truth, for chorus and electronics
1978 (41)
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, school opera
1979 (42)
The Death of Baldur, school opera
Of Beares, Foxes and Many, Many Wonders, for chorus and orchestra
1980 (43)
Fridiof's Saga, school opera
Requiem, for soprano solo, chorus and orchestra
Fridiof Kennings, for saxophone quartet
1981 (44)
Alleluia Timpanis (revised)
Prelude for a Maritime Nation, orchestra
Ocean Star a Dreaming Song, for youth orchestra
Symphony for twelve musicians
Wind Sextet
String Quartet
Vocoder Sextet
Elegy and Caprice, for oboe and piano
Toccata for piano
Sonata in One Movement, for piano
1982 (45)
The Juniper Tree, for soprano, recorder and harpsichord
1983 (46)
The Valley Sleeper, the Children, the Snakes and the Giant, for orchestra
Five Diversions, for two flutes
1984 (47)
quaver=120, for bass clarinet and tape

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